Awful Springsteen Knockoff Not Helping Save the Dome Much at All

But somehow Selena's famous Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo performance, which set the stadium's all-time attendance record in 1995, got left on the cutting-room floor. So did the event that broke it, Wrestlemania X-Seven in 2001. At four and a half minutes, it's long enough that they could have easily squeezed footage of those in. (And where's Brewster McCloud?)

It's not so much that the lyrics of "My Dome Town" are offensive. They're just awful. It's that using a song by the epitome of all things New Jersey as a rallying cry to save one of Houston's most beloved buildings is more than a little tone-deaf. Springsteen never even played the Astrodome, not even in his peak Born In the USA years.

How hard would it have been to borrow a song by an artist whose connection to the building is a little more tangible, like "Sharp Dressed Man" or "All My Exes Live in Texas"? Or hell, Selena's "Fotos y Recuerdos," whose nostalgic theme should be exactly what Jalapeno Pixels is looking for?

But as shoddy as its current condition has become, the Dome remains one of Houston's true landmarks. As recently as 2007, it was ranked No. 134 in an American Institute of Architects poll of the nation's favorite man-made structures. The amount of goodwill for the stadium just got another boost thanks to former Oilers coach Bum Phillips and Oilers/Titans owner Bud Adams, whose recent deaths have put the "Luv Ya Blue" era -- arguably the Dome's finest hour -- back in the headlines.

So not surprisingly, there hasn't been much opposition to Prop 2, beyond the usual chorus of people who say that money would be better spent on other projects. From what Rocks Off can tell, it looks like smooth sailing all the way to the ballot box on November 5. Still, we recommend Mr. or Ms. Pixels pulls "My Dome Town" before it goes viral and becomes a reason to vote down the new Dome all by itself. It really is that bad.


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It's too easy to be a critic these days. Not saying I love the song but at least someone is trying to do something. Unlike lazy bloggers who actually have the nerve to write an article based on SOMEONE ELSE'S blog. This guy is probably a frustrated writer who can't come up with his own ideas so he has to turn to insulting others. Also, the title of the article "Awful Springsteen Knockoff Not Helping Save the Dome Much at All" isn't even english. Do yourself a favor Chris. Go back to your unfinished novel.


This article was obviously written by somebody from Dallas.  Seriously?  I can't believe how lame this article is towards some people trying to save a small part of Houston history.  C'mon man...

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Just...  Shut up.

So tired of kids that weren't even around in it's hey day comment like they were.

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