Awful Springsteen Knockoff Not Helping Save the Dome Much at All

Photo by Abrahan Garza
The Dome in the bad old days... March 2013.
In the campaign to save the Astrodome with the upcoming Proposition 2 referendum, someone has decided that just the thing to put it over the top is a bad Bruce Springsteen parody. Like, really bad.

Monday, an outfit called "Jalapeno Pixels" posted a YouTube video called "My Dome Town," a four-and-a-half-minute tribute to the Harris County Domed Stadium set to the tune of Springsteen's "My Hometown." The introductory text includes this somewhat laughable assertion: "In Houston, we don't break history. We make it." Have these people ever been to Houston? Maybe they stayed at the Shamrock Hotel.

Anyway, Tuesday the video caught the attention of HardballTalk, the baseball section of NBC Sports' site. Author Craig Calcaterra was less than kind:

It's rusting and obsolete and requires over $200 million to renovate the place back into usability. It'll cost way less to simply wreck the place, though even the price tag for demolition is high. In short: There are no great options for a stadium that was once cool and state of the art but is now a giant mess.

Sad to say, that much is true. But the creators of "My Dome Town" do absolutely nothing to advance their cause with their video. First, they've selected the most dour song on Springsteen's Born In the USA, indeed one of the most depressing tunes in a repertoire that also includes the albums Nebraska and The Ghost of Tom Joad. Second, these are some of the new lyrics they came up with.

Mosquito bites, rained-out nights
Scratchin', nearly drowned
Colt .45s, pistols were fired
Our county broke new ground

The first of its kind
Right Stuff redefined
Eighth Wonder it was crowned
In '65, Astrodome arrived.
Houston's famous now

Yikes. How about some more?

The future is bright
We're making this right
No one can tear us down
We'll soar to new heights
Our beacon of light
New Dome, beautiful sound

THAT'S more like it... right?
Okay, that's enough. After that, as a colleague remarked Tuesday, we kind of want to see it torn down too. Conveniently, "My Dome Town" skips over the part where the Dome was allowed to lapse into neglect for almost a decade following its use as a shelter for Hurricane Katrina refugees. Of course, Harris County fathers finally noticed how squalid the facility had become when the NFL started sniffing around Reliant Park again, ultimately awarding Houston Super Bowl LI in 2017.

No idea where "My Dome Town" came from, or if "Jalapeno Pixels" is connected in any way with the various organizations, committees and food trucks now lobbying for Prop 2's approval. But at the very least, its makers have access to some pretty choice photos, Future Dome artist renderings and related film clips. There's bits of Sinatra, Elvis and George Strait to go with behind-the-scenes footage and scattered 'Stros games, Ali fights, bull rides, the UH-UCLA Final Four showdown and a bit of the Bad News Bears film that was shot there. That alone makes it worth a spin, as long as you mute the sound.

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It's too easy to be a critic these days. Not saying I love the song but at least someone is trying to do something. Unlike lazy bloggers who actually have the nerve to write an article based on SOMEONE ELSE'S blog. This guy is probably a frustrated writer who can't come up with his own ideas so he has to turn to insulting others. Also, the title of the article "Awful Springsteen Knockoff Not Helping Save the Dome Much at All" isn't even english. Do yourself a favor Chris. Go back to your unfinished novel.


This article was obviously written by somebody from Dallas.  Seriously?  I can't believe how lame this article is towards some people trying to save a small part of Houston history.  C'mon man...

FattyFatBastard topcommenter

Just...  Shut up.

So tired of kids that weren't even around in it's hey day comment like they were.

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