Yes Indeed Hopes to Be More Than a Micro-Music Festival

Photo by Jody Perry
Quiet Company at Warehouse Live in September 2012
Yes Indeed has also tapped into a similar network online that may be just now appearing on many (older) people's radar, but is just a more technologically sophisticated version of the old DIY network between venues, agents and promoters, artists and media that existed two or three decades ago.

"Everybody can move very quickly and leave a very small footprint," outlines Peterson. "You have these touring bands who are coming through, and [promotion] is nothing but Internet radio and cassettes being handed over and 99-cent downloads. The whole band will be [living] out of one or two backpacks, and they can just network through the cities."

Peterson admits he and Smith are taking a risk by expanding Yes Indeed, but says he'll be happy if he sees 500 paid customers. To help defray expenses and keep tickets affordable, he's enlisted sponsors like Heights Vinyl and asked the festival's peformers to sell their own advance tickets (which are $10, or $15 the day of the event), as well as signing up vendors and soliciting in-kind donations of all sorts.

"Let's just put it this way, there's not gonna be a lot of money having to be spent for the first few hours of beer," laughs Peterson. "That'll be flowing nicely. You can't beat that."

Acts subject to change

Last Concert Cafe: Quiet Company, Electric Attitude, The Beans, The Wheel Workers, Alkari, Naughty Professor, Devil Killing Moth, Jealous Creatures

Doctor's Office: Shotgun Funeral, Purple, Knights of the Fire Kingdom, Sphynx, Say Girl Say, Purapharm, Sunrise & Ammunition, Don't Poke the Bear, Kose'

Houston House of Creeps: PersephOne, FLCON FCKER, RIVERS, Murdocks, Young Girls, Zoofeelia, The Easy Credit Dance Theater, The Dead Revolt, A Sundae Drive. The Ex-Optimists

See more information here about Yes Indeed 2013.


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Last Concert Cafe

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