UPDATED: This Fall's Five Most Anticipated Houston Rap Releases

Maxo Kream
UPDATE (Friday, 1:30 p.m.): Per the man himself, Bun B's new project is still untitled.

Is it Fall already? Considering that Houston rap doesn't seem to recognize dates on the calendar, we're here pretty much anticipating rappers and musicians to say they're releasing something like gifts on Christmas. So far, here's what we do know is on the horizon: the most anticipated rap releases for the rest of 2013.

5. Maxo Kream, Quicc Strikes
Due Date: September 30
The leader of the Kream Clicc has been busy fighting through a delay to get to this, his second mixtape with plenty of heavy features from the likes of Le$, Doughbeezy, A$AP Ant from the A$AP Mob and more. Besides, there hasn't been anything in the city that packs the sort of goosebumps of fear like "Lewinsky." Click here to listen to "Too It," a loosie track not slated to be on Quicc Strikes.

4. Slim Thug & Z-Ro, A King & A Boss
Due Date: TBA
According to some reports, the album was supposed to drop Tuesday but now finds itself somewhere in limbo (again). Doesn't mean that nearly three singles in, Ro & Thugga remain two of the more prominent members of Houston's previous rap generation to remain dominant on local airwaves. At this point, it might be the biggest commercial release of the year from the city -- if it ever comes out.

3. Bun B, Trill 4 Life Untitled
Due Date: November 12
Earlier this month, Bun came down from standing on Short Texas' Mount Olympus, and signing coloring books, and gave us mere peasants a new solo track entitled "Fire." Rick Ross showed up to be fed grapes, 2 Chainz appeared to have his dreads played with and be taught how to zig (not zag) from a robbery.

The catch with the single was the caveat that Bun's new album will be out in November, according to various reports. Maybe the Houston Symphony will be on a track.

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