UPDATED: This Fall's Five Most Anticipated Houston Rap Releases

2. Le$, Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 3
Due Date: November 22
By sheer consistency, Le$ has taken a firm grip on Houston rider music, blending nimble punchlines and minor anecdotes about weed, fast women and cars into a glossy status. May's E36 was only a fraction of what is said to be in store for the third offering of his best series, Settle 4 Le$. We know DJ Mr. Rogers, among others, is going to have a chief responsibility in making sure it sounds like it belongs on a Grand Theft Auto soundtrack.

1. Doughbeezy, Footprints On the Moon
Due Date: TBA
In August, Doughbeezy was going to place his name at the doorstep of that whole "Best Tape In Houston" platitude with Footprints On the Moon. His buzz at that point was damn near supernova, and sort of still is despite FOTM being delayed with not even a whimper of a single to be heard.

But as large as he looms over Houston these days, Doughbeezy has nearly every major rapper in the city on speed-dial to craft something great. We know what we're getting from Bun and (to an extent) Le$, but Dough has promised that this would be the tape to set him up. He even has a new tattoo on his forearm to prove it.


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