Report: Suspect Charged In May Assault On La Mafia Singer

photos by Marco Torres
(L-R) Armando Lichtenberger Jr. and Oscar De La Rosa of Tejano band La Mafia pose at the Houston Texans game on Sunday.
According to AbOUT Magazine, a suspect has been charged in the May assault on singer Oscar De La Rosa of legendary Tejano band La Mafia, who in July were part of the inaugural class of inductees into the Houston Music Hall of Fame.

The report says Jared David Avila of Rosenberg has been charged with Assault With Bodily Injury in Harris County Criminal Court No. 7, with bond set at $5,000. The incident happened outside of Montrose nightclub Blur the early-morning hours of May 13, and left De La Rosa unconscious and with eye damage requiring stitches and loss of teeth.

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Oscar De La Rosa performs at the 2013 Tejano Music Festival in April.
The assailant was identified soon after the attack, but the charges could not be filed until the suspect was located; Avila has yet to be arrested. According to Fort Bend County records, the suspect is currently on probation for a drug offense.

Armando Lichtenberger Jr., co-founder of La Mafia, stated that the suspect "sucker-punched" De La Rosa and his driver, Andres Garcia-Contreras, as they were leaving the club. Apparently, the suspect requested a photo op with De La Rosa, which was respectfully denied.

The singer was forced to cancel several concerts after the incident due to the injuries he sustained.

Oscar De La Rosa and La Mafia accepting their induction into the Houston Music Hall of Fame, August 2013.

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