The Rocks Off 200: Beanz N Kornbread, Gmail-Loving Production Duo

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Photos by Marco Torres
Range and versatility. Those are the attributes that local songwriting/production duo Beanz N Kornbread consider to be keys to their success. Whether playing gospel music at several area churches or laying down beats for H-Town rappers Z-Ro, Paul Wall and Slim Thug, this team creates some of the best sounds in the city.

Who? "We are both musicians by trade playing keyboards, organ, drums, bass, and guitar," the duo says. "We grew up playing in church, which is also how we met. We are infamous for our tag line 'Bbbbbeanz n Kkkkkkornnbread!'"

Home Base: Beanz N Kornbread are based in Houston but mostly work out of their studio a little ways up 59 in Humble.

Why Do You Stay In Houston? Beanz was born and raised in Houston; Kornbread moved here by way of Los Angeles and St. Louis. They stay here because they like being around their families.

"Producers nowadays can just travel to the other cities to work if needed, then come back home," says Beanz.

Music Scene Pet Peeve: Producers never receive enough credit for their work, the duo asserts.

Good War Story: "Having to finish records without being in the studio with certain artists because of the use of Gmail," says Beanz. "It has been a blessing and a curse being able to send files without being in the same studio. We always joke that we are going to start a record label called Gmail records."

Five Albums You Can't Live Without:

  • Slum Village, Fantastic - Volume 2
  • Zapp and Roger, Computer Love
  • DJ Quik, Rhythmalism
  • D'angelo, Voodoo
  • Michael Jackson, Off the Wall

Best Show Ever? "We once performed as the live band for Z-Ro at the Arena Theater," they say. "Sold-out show, awesome experience. Best show we've attended was the D'Angelo concert when he opened for Mary J. Blige. Also, Juicy J at Warehouse Live was trippy, mayne."

Next Show or Project? "We are working on our Christmas album dropping this winter, as well as Good Weather Musik -- Part 2, so be on the lookout for that," the duo says. "All dropping on our new label... Gmail Records!"


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