Rancid at House of Blues, 9/4/2013

Photos by Jody Perry
House of Blues
September 4, 2013

So, I would like to preface this review by addressing the two guys on the escalator Wednesday night outside House of Blues. Hi there. Here's my review -- that phantom one that you were sure couldn't exist -- and by the way, yes, women can in fact be writers. And not only can they be writers, they can write about music.

Mind-blowing, I know. But seeing how this is no longer the fourteenth century, well, anything you can do, I can do better and all that. Oh, and suck my proverbial dick. (Sorry, mom.) Now, on to Rancid.

If the words shortest and best(est) can be used to accurately describe something, they should be used to describe Wednesday's Rancid concert at House of Blues. It was quick, effective, and awesome, even with the beer-launching and moshing that took place. Rancid came in, came out, and took over that bitch in less than two hours.

Okay, so maybe two hours is not really short, but it seemed pretty short, especially when you consider Rancid's massive catalog, and the impact they had on the punk scene during the '90s. And once they got started up there, I could have watched them play all night.

From the moment that Tim "Timebomb" Armstrong and company jumped up onstage, they were completely the Rancid that one would expect. I'm not sure how time hasn't ravaged Armstrong's voice, but his growl is so full of bite that it's impossible to mistake him for anyone else. As he belted out Rancid's first song of the night, "Radio," the crowd reacted as one might expect from a group of mohawked punk rockers -- throwing beers in utter agreement with the choice.

The crowd wasn't the only group of people in agreement; the band members all seemed stoked to be up there playing. After 20 years of punk-rock religion, that these guys really fuckin' enjoy what they do. Even drummer Branden Steineckert was standing up in front of his kit and screaming along with the lyrics. Hell yeah. That's how you do that shit.

Adding fuel to the beer-throwing fire, Rancid quickly busted out the opening notes to "Roots Radical" as soon as they closed out "Radio." If there was ever a beer shower in the House of Blues, it was last night. I suppose if you want to rile up a group of rowdy punk-rock fans, busting out "Roots Radical" is the way to do so.

Not only were the beers a-flyin', but the front half of the crowd morphed into a mosh pit to thrash around and be, well, radical. Fortunately for me (and my face), I knew from the last Rancid concert I saw that standing near to the stage was a dangerous proposition after taking a steel-toed boot to the face, so I stuck to the outskirts. You kids are too rowdy for me.

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evidently escalator dudes were onto somethin'

Geermo Toms
Geermo Toms

Tim Armstrong is the Ja Rule of punkrock.

MadMac topcommenter

Fun review, Ms. Leicht. I missed the show and I'm jelly.

Corey Deiterman
Corey Deiterman

I mean, as punk as anything at the House of Blues can really be...


No mention of The Interrupters or  Tim Timebomb and friends? No mention of the Operation Ivy songs?! I'm guessing someone showed up late to the party...


No mention of Tim Timebomb and Friends throwing down some Op Ivy???? C'mon... Damn near the best part!


New meaning to "golden shower"



@misi Was the reason I read, to see what all I missed of Op Ivy 

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