Houston's Top 10 Saddest Songs

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I love sad music. Sit me down with a bottle of something only someone that has given up on life would drink and an appropriate soundtrack and I am just as happy as I can be. That's just the way I roll.

In general, Houston does not produce a lot of sad music. We're more of an upbeat bunch that puts a premium on enthusiastic live performance. It's rare to find something recorded here that really opens up the windows of the soul and lets the dark pour in.

Luckily for you, I happen to have heard most of it. So sit back, kick back, and make sure that all firearms and sharp objects have been stowed beyond your reach because we're going to keep things dismal as hell from here on out.

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10. Pain Teens, "Story of Isaac"
Let's pour one out real quick for a much-missed band, Bliss Blood and her Pain Teens. Better known for their raucous onstage performances, the Teens nonetheless had a knack for occasional moroseness. This cover of Leonard Cohen's "Story of Isaac," from 1993's Destroy Me, Lover, adds an empty pain to the interpretation that is missing from the original, and is creepy as hell to boot.

9. ZZ Top, "Over You"
I usually ignore the bigger acts from Houston when compiling lists such as these, but Chris Gray wouldn't leave me alone until I sampled ZZ Top's "Over You" from last year's La Futura. I am so glad that I did. [Told you -- Ed.]

In addition to just being a damn good blues song in its own right, Billy Gibbons shows off a soul-searing vocal talent I have honestly never from the man before. It's also making me reconsider bitching about Rick Rubin's production so much -- though it might have benefited from a little more depth in the mix, there's a restraint to Rubin's notorious noisepunch here.

8. Poor Dumb Bastards, "Gun Room"
Not everything sad has to be quiet, and Poor Dumb Bastards prove that in spades. "All I need is a small quiet room, a revolver, and some time to myself." It may be energetic, but make no mistake that this song has all the hopelessness of a good Pogues tunes screeching over the guitars. It's seriously hurtful.

Even sadder songs on the next page.

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I love Robin Kirby's vocals and her all around musical talent.  A star is rising and in my humble opinion, she is just getting started as far as the public appreciating the immense talent and love she always puts into her craft.  I know that Janis Joplin would be proud to have her name mentioned in the same sentence with Robin Kirby's and vice versa!   Rock on Robin Kirby!!!

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