Musicians' Five Greatest Drunken Moments

Photo by Marc Brubaker
Florence Welch, sans tequila, at Bayou Music Center in May 2012
For better or worse, I recently began to think about my last three birthdays in a row and realized that I've been blackout drunk throughout all three. It's not something I do often, but when my friends and I get together for a special occasion, it turns into something akin to The Hangover.

Which I guess is why I can relate so well to Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine fame. Back in July, the British singer known for both her album Lungs and her actual lungs found herself the subject of a viral video wherein she sings Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" after downing more than a few tequila shots.

It's a great alcohol-induced moment featuring a famous musician, and bad karaoke is something to which I'm sure we can all relate. That being said, it simply joins a pantheon of great drunken moments featuring famous musicians. Here are five of the best.

5. WASP's Chris Holmes in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
You might question my taste in including this one. After all, Holmes makes a fool of himself in front of his mother and proudly proclaims he's going to die of his alcoholism. It's almost a PSA, and sort of a downer. That is until you find out he planned the whole thing.

According to an AV Club interview with Decline II director Penelope Spheeris, Holmes came up with the whole setup and asked Spheeris to film him that way. She also admits that she faked the film's infamous scene with Ozzy Osbourne, which casts a lot of doubt on Holmes' scene as well. With that in mind, it plays more like a goof and it's a whole lot funnier.

4. Mariah Carey Accepts an Award
In 2010, Mariah Carey had a fantastic acting role in the film Precious. She also had this fantastic drunken moment while accepting an award for Breakthrough Actress at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

She admits to it early in the speech, then rambles about her involvement with the film, her infatuation with the book the film was based on, and Helen Mirren. The best line though has to be, "you can take my make-up off but I don't look like that bitch from The Thing!" You sure don't, Mariah.

3. Liam Gallagher at Wembley
Liam Gallagher's antics in Oasis were almost more famous than the band themselves. Certainly his drunken rants often overshadowed the band, to the point where NME seems to report on a new one every day even now.

So leave it to Liam to show up completely pissed to a live broadcast of Oasis performing at Wembley Arena in front of literally thousands of fans. The performance was a mess, but luckily intrepid fans have cut the whole thing down to just Liam yelling about things, which is absolutely amazing to watch in its seven whole minutes.

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Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Yep. As bad as it is that its fake the Chris Holmes segment was sure fun as hell


ODB, Kanye, and Mariah. 3 of the top 5 GREATEST DRUNKEN MOMENTS EVERRRR! Seriously, folks, this is embarrassing even for the "top five" genre the Press has seemingly converted into. Without even thinking for more than 25 seconds: Shane MacGowan, Bob Stinson, Doug Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, Ronnie Van Zant, Billie Holliday, Bon Scott, Hank Williams, John Bonhom, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, George Jones, and Randy Travis have all had far more drunken moments than a video of Kanye.  We'll start here:

And finish by suggesting that Mariah didn't go riding to the liquor store on a lawn mower, like ever.


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