Musicians' Five Greatest Drunken Moments

2. Kanye West Wrestles with Demons
We Were Once a Fairytale is a short film Spike Jonze made for Kanye West's song "See You In My Nightmares." Does it count for this list since a film about Kanye being drunk, rather than Kanye truly being drunk? Well, I'm going to say it does because Kanye makes such a convincing case of his iniebriation that he should win an Academy Award if he hadn't had at least a few shots before the filming.

In the video, Kanye walks around a club, making a total ass of himself while wasted, trying poorly to pick up girls and yelling about how his song is playing. Then it gets weird and he kills a demon. Anyway, if you want to see Kanye really drunk, just watch him crash the stage during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech once again. Which leads us to No. 1...

1. Ol' Dirty Bastard Crashes the Grammys
Long before Kanye had become infamous for jumping on stages, before Kanye was even a celebrity, there was Ol' Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan. Known for getting pretty damn wasted almost every day (and ultimately dying of a drug overdose unfortunately), ODB was drunk and furious at the Grammy Awards in 1998 when Diddy beat Wu-Tang for Best Rap Album.

It didn't take long before he was up on stage (while Shawn Colvin was receiving an award), yelling incomprehensibly about Diddy being good and Wu-Tang being for the children. In my book, it's one of the best Grammy moments ever, and I still quote "Wu-Tang is for the children" to this day in various contexts. Thanks, ODB.

Just as great, though, is ODB's legendary MTV interview, where he swills vodka and goes to pick up food stamps for his many children in a limo.


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Michael Terry
Michael Terry

Yep. As bad as it is that its fake the Chris Holmes segment was sure fun as hell


ODB, Kanye, and Mariah. 3 of the top 5 GREATEST DRUNKEN MOMENTS EVERRRR! Seriously, folks, this is embarrassing even for the "top five" genre the Press has seemingly converted into. Without even thinking for more than 25 seconds: Shane MacGowan, Bob Stinson, Doug Hopkins, Townes Van Zandt, Ronnie Van Zant, Billie Holliday, Bon Scott, Hank Williams, John Bonhom, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, George Jones, and Randy Travis have all had far more drunken moments than a video of Kanye.  We'll start here:

And finish by suggesting that Mariah didn't go riding to the liquor store on a lawn mower, like ever.


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