Marc Anthony at Toyota Center, 9/5/2013

photos by Marco Torres
Marc Anthony
Toyota Center
September 5, 2013

Some call it re-invention. Others label it a mid-life crisis. But whatever it is that Marc Anthony is going through, he's making it look damn good! With a new platinum album and hit single to his credit, and a new girlfriend on his arm, the 44-year-old New York City salsa singer (and actor) hit the stage on Thursday night with a fiercely emotional performance in front of an almost sold-out Toyota Center crowd.

Two numbers and a punctuation point. Simple and enigmatic at the same time. That's how the name of Marc's Anthony's new album strikes me. Its called simply 3.0. The lead single is named "Vivir Mi Vida," which translates as "live my life." Judging from his energy and attitude onstage, living life for Marc Anthony is splendid.

Dressed in a black tuxedo, sans cummerbund and tie, Anthony rose from the depths of the stage and onto the elevated, backlit platform flanked by his bandmates and kicked off the nightwith his energetic pop hit "I Need To Know." Already on their feet, fans began to dance and sing with joyous celebration, a trend that would continue throughout the night.

"Y Hubo Alguien" was the first salsa track he offered, taking us back to his signature sound, one as vibrant and flashy as his native Big Apple. His determination to provide his audience with his best was evident each time he touched the mike, his facial expressions and dance moves overflowing with passion and flair.

New York magazine once called Anthony "a culture hero on the level of Jay-Z," which may explain why I like the guy so much. Both men are New Yorkers at the top of their respective worlds, adored and respected, successful and caring. Both have been in the music business creating magic for more than 20 years, "still spending money from '88," the year Anthony's first album was released. He can certainly be considered as the leading Latino male vocalist of his generation.

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Toyota Center

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Oh my gosh! I'm STILL talking about his concert! And I finally have my voice back.  I loved every minute of his performance and danced my ass off (my legs reminded all day on Friday) in heels no less!  I did however, feel that there his "interludes" were too long.  The violinist's solo, while AMAZING, was too long and so was the drum solo.  Don't get me wrong, the drummer was killing it, but I wanted to hear Marc sing MORE!!! LOL  -Good times, good times...

Julian Bajsel
Julian Bajsel

I'll never forgive him for having Lupita kidnapped in Man On Fire


@Julian Bajsel lmao! yeah, i agree. i hated him in that movie!!!

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