Krewella at Stereo Live, 9/6/2013

Photos by Julian Bajsel
Stereo Live
September 6, 2013

Oh how things can change in just under a year. The last time Krewella came to town they were in the opening slot with a single EP under their belt, but it was clear at the time that there were big things ahead for the trio.

They managed to reach those big things pretty quick. Since we spoke to them way back in October 2012, they've officially become a thing. Not only are they EDM headliners selling out clubs coast to coast, but Krewella had a legit crossover hit with "Alive" that introduced them to listeners outside the genre.

Friday night saw them bring the "Get Wet Tour" to Houston, bringing with them a custom stage, live vocals, and an album's worth of new material to wow the crowd. And if this is where they are after a year, it's scary to think about where they'll be a year from now because right now they're on fire.

There are a lot of buzzword phrases that get thrown around whenever an EDM act releases a new track. No one ever releases a song, it's always a new "smash" or "banger" or "epic." Most of the time those words are just PR fluff, but whenever Krewella puts out a new track it always seems like they rise to the occasion. On mp3 the tracks rock, but live - especially with the live vocals - they really shine.

Starting the night with their current single (and one of our top tracks of the summer) "Live For The Night," their set was high-energy and full of ridiculously catchy anthems. It's a physically exhausting collection of music, with very little room to catch your breath, which is exactly what the crowd wanted. This wasn't about a group of people going on a journey or finding some sort of inner truth, this was a show for people who want to rage.

It can't be stressed how great the addition of live vocals to a DJ set is. There is a certain amount of energy that comes with doing things live; it brings that chaotic, human element to the table that is hard for even the best DJs to replicate. There's always going to be more motivation to sing out loud when someone on the stage has a mike versus someone behind a laptop waving their arms up and down.

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