Pam Robinson Benefit at Walters, 9/6/2013

Photos by Jim Bricker
The Tontons
Keep Calm // Fight Cancer Benefit for Pam Robinson
Feat. The Tons, The Suffers, New York City Queens, Wild Moccasins, Featherface, Second Lovers and The Manichean
September 6, 2013

When push comes to shove, the music community does its best to stick together as much as possible. Whether a band needs a place to sleep, gear gets stolen, or bills need to be paid, sometimes it seems to be the only place with an "all for one, one for all" mentality.

In August, news broke that beloved Walters owner Pam Robinson had been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer after she went in to the doctor with complaints of back pains. But her positive resilience never wavered, and with the help of Walters' staff and Houston's music scene, the weekend-long "Keep Calm // Fight Cancer" kicked off on Friday.

Though the weekend lasted the entire weekend, sadly Rocks Off was only able to make it out for one night. Even so, Friday's lineup was so extensive that the $10 cover fee didn't feel like quite enough for the amount of acts I was able to see.

The all-local bill started with an acoustic set from The Manichean, before Second Lovers and Featherface took the stage.

"We want to thank Pam for running such an amazing venue, and thank you all for being here," said Featherface guitarist/vocalist Kenny Hopkins before the band jumped into their single "I Saw You Dancing."

The band also offered to give a free copy of their album, Actual Magic, to anyone who bought $10 worth in raffle tickets.

Those tickets, which were being sold for $5 apiece, bought a chance to win a gift certificate from various restaurants and bars around town, including Laurenzo's, El Tiempo Cantina, Antidote/Poison Girl and Grand Prize. There were also numerous concert posters, records and merch for locals such as Roky Moon & Bolt and Knights of the Fire Kingdom, while local photographer Todd Spoth donated a stack of prints.

Of course, the raffle was just one way to give back to Robinson.

Wild Moccasins
After Wild Moccasins performed an energetic set that got the crowd dancing (with a little help from singer/keyboardist Zahira Gutierrez, who had to do a little coaxing), Mark C. Austin jumped onstage to announce that any poster could be bought out right for the right price.

"We want to raise as much money as possible," said Austin. "We have a lot of good stuff for sale, including T-shirts, so let's dig deep and give to a great cause."

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Walters Downtown

1120 Naylor, Houston, TX

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I was there every night this weekend and can verify that it was AMAZING. The out-pour of love and support for Pam was humbling. Every single person there expressed their love and respect for Pam through donations, volunteering, performing, purchasing auction items or simply just by being present. I love the Houston live music community! Makes me so proud.

Silent Auction update: " the one year of free admission to any show put on by Pegstar...including 2014 FPSF" are still up for bidding!!! There are a few other major tickets still up for bid. Contact Walters or go check out the venue over the next few weeks and make your bid!!!


Wild Moccasins blew me away with their disco bass lines, finely crafted tunes and Talking Heads inspired stage presence along with the female lead singers channeling of Bjork among other strong female inspirations. I will be seeing them again

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