Houston Is "Crazy in Love" With Drag Performer Tyoncé Moore

Of course, even then, Moore was no stranger to the spotlight. While growing up on Houston's Westside, Moore says she participated in choir, theater and dance. At just 15, Moore graced the stage as Harry MacAfee in a production of Bye Bye Birdie at the Wortham Center.

And performing may just run in Moore's blood. Her older brother Monroe is the owner and founder of the City Lights Theater, and her mother and another brother, Clifton, are on its creative team.

A family that makes show business a cumulative effort is just one thing Tyoncé has in common with her muse.

Tyoncé explains that her muse is someone she feels she has a lot in common with and is proud to emulate.
"Beyoncé epitomizes talent, humility and presence both on and off the stage," says Moore. "I feel personally tied to her because she exhibits characteristics my mother instilled and fostered in me -- a strong family bond, a commitment to a high performance-level in everything I do and a passion and dedication for the performing arts."

Next up for Tyoncé is a "Miss Moore Tour," currently in the works. And in the future, Moore says she hopes to add new elements to her act, including back-up dancers, more elaborate costumes and special effects.

"In ten years, I would like to have developed a reputation as a consummate, professional performer who is guaranteed to deliver," Moore says. "Any fame, perks [or] opportunities for financial gain that might accompany that goal are welcome too!"

One thing Moore has yet to cross of her Beyoncé bucket-list? Meeting the star in person.

"Something tells me we would get along very well, considering what we share in common," Moore muses. "I envision lots of girl-talk, laughter and a fabulous exchange of ideas."

Despite a long and impressive performance résumé, Moore concludes that even she is not immune to the occasional bought of stage fright. She explains that embracing this natural anxiety is exactly what gives a live performance its creative edge.

"Each and every time before I grace the stage, I close my eyes, take a breath and say to myself, 'You Ready, B?'"


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He/She is NOT a spitting image of Beyonce!!!!!!  Period!!!!!  Stop insulting Beyonce with this fugly wannabe!!!!

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