Five Badass Women to Replace Miley on the Vogue Cover

2. Big Freedia
Seriously, Big Freedia is the best. She's the queen of the New Orleans style of dance known as "sissy bounce," and the defender of all things twerk -- like, actual twerk, not just that shit that Miley and all of the uncoordinated girls on YouTube do. She's been poppin' that booty on the bounce scene since '99, and although she's not the originator of bounce, she is by far its main ambassador. She's even opened up for The Postal Service.

Everybody loves Big Freedia, and Vogue should too, especially since she's got no patience for the improper use of "twerk" by novices such as Miley. She has been speaking out about that whole hot VMA mess, telling according to

It should've been someone else having those dancers up there and not Miley. We want to empower women of all walks of life to express themselves through dance music. I definitely push that at a Big Freedia show and I have a lot of white fans who get up there and really twerk.

I have some amazing white dancers who would get up there and shut Miley down. They could've used girls from New Orleans, even if they were not black, who knew what they're doing.

She'd be the perfect anti-Miley to take that cover by bounce-storm, no?

1. Ellie Goulding
I mean, it's Ellie Goulding. How could you not love her? She's the epitome of a pop star, so Vogue would have covered that (unnecessary) base, plus she's gorgeous and doesn't look like she needs a Hazmat shower, which is frankly not the case with Miley at the moment. Oh, and she's building a big, bad career on her talent versus her antics. Perhaps if you put her on the cover, Miley would take notice of a positive role model and we'd stop having to read about foam fingers and white-girl twerking.


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How about going back to the good ol' days when fashion magazines didn't need a singer/actress on the cover to sell and putting a fashion model on the cover instead? I've only heard of one of those suggestions above, but if you're going to go the pop act route for a "Vogue" cover, how about Christina Aguilera? She may not have a new album coming out, but she's got a few new songs out there that are doing well on the charts, she's looking much better than how she was last year, she's definitely got style (if you ask me, she could very well be the most stylish woman on TV!), and her musical chops totally trump that of those other, less-experienced pop tarts that undeservedly got the the cover of "Vogue." (Gaga with two covers already? Christina with none? Garbage!)

I wish "Vogue" gave covers to female musicians during a time when there were some really great talent around, like back in the 90s when we had Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Bjork, and Tori Amos around. Instead, we saw the likes of the Spice Girls (really?) on the magazine. C'mon, Anna, give Christina a cover! She's long overdue! 


I completely disagree with your comparison between Miley and Lana Del Rey. Her voice is beautiful and her songs tell stories, whereas Miley's just tell me to turn the radio off. Miley's is mindless pop music that will never stand the test of time... whether or not Lana Del Rey's music will, is not up to me, but at least she has talent and makes music about some respectable, meaningful subject matter.


@toycamera Lana Del Rey's music is very forgettable to me. Her voice is alright I suppose, but she is, IMHO, in no way a credible performer. The only reason she's famous is because her music is backed by her daddy's money (did you know she has a trust fund? True facts).

All that being said, I'd STILL rather see Lana on the cover than Miley! At least Lana has a sense of dignity, and at least SOME talent, even if she does pale in comparison to other female singers/performers.

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