Five Badass Women to Replace Miley on the Vogue Cover

5. Demi Lovato
If Vogue is hell-bent on profiling a former tween actress, then why not put Lovato on the cover instead? She's been plagued by negative press in the past, but she's somehow managed to emerge from it with more street cred and respect than when she went in. Oh, and that's respect from folks who aren't still part of the under-21 crowd -- you know, the folks who might actually pick up a Vogue here and there.

Not only that, but Lovato is actually doing a damn fine job of handling the press around her upcoming role on Glee, where she plays the lesbian love interest of co-star Naya Rivera. It's actually quite brave for her to take on that role, given that we are stuck in caveman times when it comes to depicting gay relationships on prime-time television, so I'm not going to make too many jokes about it cause it's cool. At least she's not making out with a floating doll head while advocating foam-finger abuse. Won't somebody think of the foam fingers?

4. Angel Haze
Hell yeah to the idea of putting Angel Haze on the cover. She's a rad chick rapper to start with, and even moreso for rallying against this ridiculous Washington Post article, where the writer linked Miley's VMA antics with the Steubenville rape case. Angel Haze is just as outspoken as Miley, and didn't mince words when speaking out about that garbage. Here's how Ms. Haze put it via Twitter:

Recently been asked about @MileyCyrus way too much. Was particularly perturbed by the whole washington post thing. Let me just vocalize how utterly fucking stupid I think it is for a national news publication to post that her dancing is why things like Steubenville happen.

That is terrible journalism. Slut shaming and complete and total idiocy all at once. If @MileyCyrus wants to dance, let her. A female dancing doesn't mean she's 'asking to be raped.' Quite frankly, if she is not doing it on you, it is not for you. Women are allowed to not feel enslaved by any opinion that suggests that the display of any sort of sexuality is wrong. Die, you are what's wrong with the world, it's 2013.

You should know by now that the word 'no' does not have various meanings and is not to be taken as anything but no. I just don't get it.

She kinda deserves the Vogue cover just for putting those fools in their places.

3. Lana Del Rey
I mean, if we're going solely off of the idea that we should replace Miley with a pop-starlet doppleganger, then we need one that has Miley's "unique" sense of fashion (and by unique I mean terrible) and her "meh" kind of voice. This pop starlet should also be quite adept at taking over the radio with her earworm songs, and for those reasons I'd like to nominate Lana Del Rey. She's quite interchangeable for Miley, and if she starts prancing around with a foam finger and those terrible hipster grandma shorts, well, gross.

More potential cover models on the next page.

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How about going back to the good ol' days when fashion magazines didn't need a singer/actress on the cover to sell and putting a fashion model on the cover instead? I've only heard of one of those suggestions above, but if you're going to go the pop act route for a "Vogue" cover, how about Christina Aguilera? She may not have a new album coming out, but she's got a few new songs out there that are doing well on the charts, she's looking much better than how she was last year, she's definitely got style (if you ask me, she could very well be the most stylish woman on TV!), and her musical chops totally trump that of those other, less-experienced pop tarts that undeservedly got the the cover of "Vogue." (Gaga with two covers already? Christina with none? Garbage!)

I wish "Vogue" gave covers to female musicians during a time when there were some really great talent around, like back in the 90s when we had Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Bjork, and Tori Amos around. Instead, we saw the likes of the Spice Girls (really?) on the magazine. C'mon, Anna, give Christina a cover! She's long overdue! 


I completely disagree with your comparison between Miley and Lana Del Rey. Her voice is beautiful and her songs tell stories, whereas Miley's just tell me to turn the radio off. Miley's is mindless pop music that will never stand the test of time... whether or not Lana Del Rey's music will, is not up to me, but at least she has talent and makes music about some respectable, meaningful subject matter.


@toycamera Lana Del Rey's music is very forgettable to me. Her voice is alright I suppose, but she is, IMHO, in no way a credible performer. The only reason she's famous is because her music is backed by her daddy's money (did you know she has a trust fund? True facts).

All that being said, I'd STILL rather see Lana on the cover than Miley! At least Lana has a sense of dignity, and at least SOME talent, even if she does pale in comparison to other female singers/performers.

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