Five Acts You Didn't Know Have New Albums Out This Month

Coming to a Scout Bar near you.
So far 2013 has been marked by a considerable amount of comebacks. Some have made a bigger splash than others; we saw a new Black Sabbath album LP explode while the new Deep Purple floundered. We saw pop explosions from Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake, while while a new Kanye West album met with lukewarm sales and stale reviews greeted Jay Z's newest.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that still more musicians want to hop on that bandwagon. It seems to be the only place that there's money to be made in the music business anymore. Nevertheless, I still find myself shocked by some of the new albums dropping in September. Here's the five that jumped out at me the most and made me say, "they're still alive?"

Gloria Estefan
In a way, if the former Miami Sound Machine front woman wanted to make a comeback, this would be the perfect time for it. Honestly, some of the grooves on the aforementioned Timberlake's 20/20 Experience wouldn't have sounded out of place on an MSM album.

However, Estefan's chances for success are slim since she's avoiding dance music altogether and going the far classier comeback route of traditional pop and swing. Expect her new record, The Standards, to net good reviews, maybe a Grammy nod, and sales somewhere in the 20K range based on name recognition alone.

So much for Cher's retirement; unlike Estefan, the "Believe" singer has decided she wants to be a real-deal pop star once again. But who has pulled off more comebacks than she has, with maybe the notable exception of Madonna? As unlikely as it seems, Cher's Closer to the Truth could surprise us all.

There's something disturbing about the amount of Photoshop employed to make the 67-year-old look sexy on that album cover, but songwriting from Timbaland and P!nk could actually bolster this one's chances.

The last notable thing I remember involving Nelly was a very brief gag on Family Guy like six years ago, and even then it was a name nobody had heard in around that amount of time. A breakout star in 2002, Nelly seemed to fall off the face of the earth sometime around "Pimp Juice."

He's back now though with M.O. and he's collabing it up with all the hottest stars of R&B and hip-hop to try to grab some headlines and get his singles on the radio again. "Get Like Me" features summer superstar Pharrell and Nicki Minaj, which all but guarantees a play or two on 97.9 The Box, but I wouldn't bet money on Nelly ever reaching his 2002 heights again.

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