Café Tacvba at Arena Theatre, 9/8/2013

photos by Marco Torres
Café Tacvba
Arena Theatre
September 8, 2013

My friend Chapy, percussionist for Los Skarnales and the Suffers, is a hardcore Café Tacvba fan. This past weekend was his 25th birthday, and he celebrated by attending both the Austin and Houston shows of the band's current U.S. tour. If anyone knows great music, its Chapy. Myself, on the other hand, although I know of Tacvba, I've never seen them live or even heard any of their music.

How very un-Mexican of me, I know.

So after missing their Houston stops over the last few years, as well as their showcases at SXSW and Coachella, I finally get to cross this band off my list. Rarely do I ever have to opportunity to see a band with fresh ears, so my assignment on Sunday night at the Arena Theatre was certain to be stimulating.

The tour was set to promote the Mexico City band's latest effort, 2012's El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco (The Object Previously Called an Album), which made several "Best of" lists at the end of last year. The band itself has survived for more than 20 years, pouring out a dazzling mix of alternative rock, electronica and traditional folk music for their legions of fans. Chapy compared them as "the Radiohead of Mexico," which would help me immensely if I ever listened to Radiohead. Strike two.

The night began with "Pájaros" (Birds)," the opening track from Objeto. The driving and pounding beats mixed with futuristic laser sounds certainly accomplished the band's intent, which was to pump up the audience. Normally, the Arena's stage revolves, but tonight there was no movement. The instruments were inward-facing, and the band was enveloped in a metallic canopy of lights and speakers. This provided an intimate atmosphere, like the audience was sitting in on a band practice. Very cool indeed.

Tacvba's slight, mousy lead singer is named Rubén Albarrán, a man who carries a wide, toothy smile and enough eccentric energy to keep us guessing every note of the show. His vocals may not be traditional, wavering somewhere between shrieking and cooing, but they added to the overall element of realismo magico in which the band thrives.

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Arena Theatre

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