All the Houston References On Drake's Nothing Was the Same

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3. "Now it's therapeutic/ Blowin' money in the Galleria"

The Galleria is Houston's biggest mall and one of the best malls in America, according to many reports. Is this where Drake stole his mom's credit card to buy Michael Kors for chicks? Possibly. Then again, it's the same mall that back in February looked like its own city during All-Star Weekend.


4. "281 to my city/ Heard you had trouble at customs..."

Drake is no stranger to flying chicks out. He's no stranger to the 713/281/832 area codes that happen to make up much of greater Houston, either. See a pattern here? Flying Houston strippers up to Toronto is one thing. Knowing that they have to clear customs is an entirely different matter.


5. "Like H-Town in the summertime, I keep it 100/ Met a lot of girls in my times there/ Word to Paul Wall, not one fronted"

This can be interpreted as a double entendre, possibly even triple if you want to dive that deep. First off we know it's ungodly hot in Houston during the summers, so the temperature hovering near 100 degrees makes sense. Drake also keeps it real, hence the phrase "Keep It 100," but also it's the namesake of Houston rapper OneHunnidt. Drake shouts out Onehunnidt's brother JJ (né Jonathan Johnson) on 2010's "Miss Me," released the same year JJ died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Also, there's the Paul Wall connection. Wall is someone who can vouch for Drake getting girls in Houston and none of them giving him the curve. Which is kind of hard to believe considering who we're talking about, but still.

6. "Backstage at Warehouse in '09 like, 'Is Bun coming?/ Fuck that, is anyone coming 'fore I show up there and there's no one there?'/ These days, I could probably pack it for like 20 nights if I go in there"

Here's the one that made everybody who works at Warehouse Live jump for absolute joy. In 2009, Drake had his first Houston show ever at Warehouse Live. (There's video evidence of this happening.) While he was wondering about how the crowd would receive him, he was also wondering about the ace up his sleeve in Bun B coming out.

It's no secret Bun is the most omnipresent being in the entire city of Houston. Name a decent rap show in the city and he'll magically appear with a fitted hat, his favorite pair of sneakers that day and an elder-statesman reverence about him. Of course Bun appeared from backstage to perform "Uptown" with Drake.

These days, a Drake concert at Warehouse Live would be absolute pandemonium. The venue's ballroom, which holds approximately 1,500-2,000 people, pales in comparison to the city's largest venue for rap acts, Toyota Center. (To date, no rap act has held a solo show inside Reliant Stadium, the city's biggest venue.) Drake could probably sell out 20 dates in that intimate setting with no questions asked.

But 2009 Drake and 2013 Drake are not even the same person, nor are they even in the same area codes in terms of popularity.


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Elias Leal
Elias Leal

stupid sheep people crap wow you wasted my time !

Richard Reyes
Richard Reyes

Fuck drake seriously hes a mediocre fucking rapper. its easy to be popular when you sell your soul for money and fame. fuck him and his wannabe from houston having ass. come live here if you love it so much. go back to cali douche.

Marlene Rodriguez
Marlene Rodriguez

Don't really listen to his music, but glad (sOME) musicians have love for the South!

Kelley Dellafave
Kelley Dellafave

No, waiting for a real rap artist to drop the beats next week, thanks.

Moses Martinez
Moses Martinez

Amelia de Landa & Sara Brown it is what it is. #indifferent

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