15 Houston Concerts You Shouldn't Miss This Fall

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Earlier this week Rocks Off asked our contributors to tell us one or two concerts coming to Houston this fall they considered a "can't-miss" show. They didn't disappoint us.

Photo by Groovehouse
Depeche Mode in The Woodlands in 2009
Depeche Mode
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, September 18

Maybe this makes me a bit geeky, but I'm totally stoked for Depeche Mode and I don't care; I'll be there in my torn tights and overabundance of eyeliner. If there is such a thing as synth-pop royalty, even after 30-plus years Depeche Mode really hasn't had much competition in knocking them off their throne. I can't think of another concert that will be as fun to people-watch at, either. The crowd just better keep it down during "Strangelove," because they don't know how intimidating I can be in my New Wave gear. ANGELICA LEICHT

Photo by Jim Bricker
Man Man at Fitzgerald's, 2011
Man Man
Fitzgerald's, September 22

If you quit life and decide sitting on your couch is all you're going to do while the weather cools this fall, there are only a few reasons you should decide to join civilization again. One major one would be when Philadelphia's gruff, circus-like indie toysters Man Man return to Fitz. These guys always make for a good show -- their unique sound and all-over-the-place performances are the perfect anecdote for the ADD-riddled youth of today. It may be a Sunday night, but live a little, you know. JIM BRICKER

Photo by Justin Avery
Imagine Dragons at House of Blues, February 2013
Imagine Dragons
Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, September 26

I'm curious to see the progression Imagine Dragons has made as artists now that their song "Radioactive" has blown up the entire radio. It's literally on every station ever, even hip-hop stations, and such a far cry from where they were just a few months ago: House of Blues. Cynthia Woods is where they'll be bangin' all those drums this time around, and I wonder if it'll translate or if all the fame and the bigger venue will cause them to lose a bit of sparkle. I have to hope it's the former. ANGELICA LEICHT

Photo by Jason Wolter
Ray Wylie Hubbard at Sam Houston Race Park, May 2013
Ray Wylie Hubbard, Shinyribs
Discovery Green, September 26

The Wylie Llama is a jaded spiritual guru, philosopher of no philosophy, teller of tall tales, Holy Ghost of the Groove, and Grand Poobah of all things Texas music. The man is literally awash in soulful grime. But the stroke of genius here is pairing him with Shinyribs, the Austin four-piece fronted by Kevin Russell.

A Shinyribs show encompasses all the emotions of a loss of virginity behind a revival tent: they don't make confession boxes large enough for the sinful fallout of an hour with the Bearded One. Screw those $50-$60-$70 ticket prices. One word: free. Screw you, we're from Texas. WILLIAM MICHAEL SMITH

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Sonia Karen
Sonia Karen

How does Imagine Dragons make both this list, and the "concerts to avoid" list simultaneously?


Depeche Mode!!!! Can't wait!!!


If most of these concerts were at venues other than Cynthia Woods then yes, they are probably must see, but Cynthia Woods sucks.  Sorry, but that's the truth.

Martha Vasquez-Delgado
Martha Vasquez-Delgado

These are good, but we put all our eggs in the rolling stone concert in Philly, worth every penny of it, they take the cake; )

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

Kurt Vile?

Chromatics? They had one of the best albums of 2012, surely they would get a mention! 


@Martha Vasquez-Delgado  Because once you invest in Rolling Stones concert tickets, you have no entertainment budget left for the rest of the calendar year, right?

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

Glass Candy and Chromatics November 7th at Fitz

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