10 Houston Acts You Should Be Listening To

Photo courtesy of Football, etc.
Football, etc. again minus a drummer as of last week
Did you know that Football, etc., a Houston band with a very low profile in the local music scene, has more than 4,000 Facebook likes? This is because the emo-rock trio duo, which moved to Houston from New Jersey about five years ago, is being played on college-radio stations across the country thanks to their new album Audible. Congratulations, y'all.

Football surfaces to play a show at Mango's once in a while, but not often. They're too busy plugging away at small clubs, house shows, and festivals, even making the occasional summer-holiday hop to Europe. But they got us thinking about other locals who perhaps may not be getting the attention around here they perhaps should. By way of a mea culpa, Rocks Off asked our crew to tell us a few more Houston acts that deserve a wider local audience. No doubt we'll do this again sometime.

It's probably silly to start championing a band that's only released one song, but when that one song is the rather amazing "Just Wait" it's worth the potential embarrassment. That retro-'80s synthpop thing is all the rage right now, but "Just Wait" does it in a way that doesn't feel forced or cliche.

The music is on point -- somehow retro and modern at the same time -- and vocalist Michelle Miears has a beautiful, dynamic voice. "Hang tight, just wait around for me," the song requests, but I for one hope their EP gets here ASAP. CORY GARCIA

Football, etc.
I don't know if "emo" is making a resurgence like the Internet wants me to believe, but I am glad that the buzz the genre has lead me to the locals in Football, Etc. Forget the labels: F,E rule because they write solid three minute tracks with beautiful guitarwork and heartfelt vocals. They're simple songs that find their way straight to your heart, even on the first listen when you're not entirely sure what they're singing about. CORY GARCIA

Fox & Cats
Sometimes I can't tell if I'm out of touch or if things are just coming back around for a revival. For instance, I don't know how people are feeling these days about pop-punk with a dash of emo, but I for one have been quite impressed with Fox & Cats. They're a very straightforward, unpretentious duo who writes catchy-as-all-hell tunes and delivers them with energy and sincerity. They put on a great live show with confidence and gusto, and have the stage presence of a much more seasoned band.

Really, you kind of get the feeling these two are just a little too young to be this good. Frankly it makes me suspicious. Of what, I don't know. That weird thing that Tour de France winners do where they take out a bunch of blood and then put it back in right before a race? Does that affect songwriting? Anyway, they're nice kids, as evidenced by the fact that they put their entire EP up on YouTube, so you can listen to it at work. JOHN SEABORN GRAY

More worthy local acts on the next page.

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The Manichean don't know how to write a song or play their instruments.


How about Runaway Sun, Shellee Coley, or Folk Family Revival?


Scale the Summit - totally original, years of touring experience, 4 albums, an all 4 of them are prodigiously good at their instruments.  THE Houston band as far as I'm concerned, but I know that instrumental music is not for everybody. 

Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander

I went to see them in Bryan last weekend and was dissapointed to hear they broke up the day before. my other band Bike Problems played a house party in 2010/11 in Austin with them and it made realize that they were more than just a "party band."

Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander

Hey great list, guys, but football, etc. just lost their drummer last week. hopefully they stay together though, rad guys!

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