10 Houston Acts You Should Be Listening To

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Nick Greer & the G's
This funky, upbeat and altogether compelling act has got to be one of the most fun groups to come out of Houston since I started paying attention to our local music scene. Whether jamming out to the energetic cuts "Black Cadillac," "Money" and "Keep On" or slowing it down for the more intimate cuts, Greer and crew will get your feet moving despite your vain attempts to resist.

Also, after his performance at last month's HPMAs, I briefly spoke with Greer about the group's next album, which he told me will put their eponymous debut to shame. MATTHEW KEEVER

Photo by Jesse Sendejas Jr.
Spilling the Beans
Spilling the Beans/Stay at Home Mom
Two Houston bands deserving of a larger audience are Spilling the Beans and Stay at Home Mom. Both are pop punk acts - the former is acoustic and the latter is amplified -- and both are the brainchildren of musical spouses, Ali and Andrew Hoskins.

The Hoskinses are well-known in Houston's next-generation, post-Southmore-House punk scene. Andrew's RadioFlyer is loads of bluegrass fun with some of the most joyful and heartwarming lyrics you'll ever find in a punk song. But Spilling the Beans and Stay At Home Mom showcase Ali's talents. She's the vocalist for both groups, and her voice has an odd element of 1940s pop in it. Think Kay Starr meets Exene Cervenka and you'll be nearly there.

First and foremost, she's a writer, one with a very specific bent - she's a mom. Her blog, screamingmom.wordpress.com, expounds on the subject of many of these bands' songs, namely what it's like to be a mom with responsibilities standing with one foot in and one out of the punk scene.

Spilling the Beans is pared down to Andrew on guitar or ukulele, with Ali singing about the "Self-Pity" of being housebound with kids while her old friends are out partying. They even have a children's song, "Turtle," that happily crawls its way into your memory.

Stay at Home Mom is edgier stuff, billed as "pissed-off music for pissed-off moms," with Andrew on bass, Ryan Preble on guitar and Adam Wolfson of Adam and the Ancient Gods on drums. Ali stands at the foreground singing from the band's five-song EP, selections like "Drown the Kids" with lyrics like "You better not go to work today/ I'm gonna drown the kids/ In the bathroom where there's no one around/ I just might lose my shit/... I'm gonna drown the kids/If I don't get out of this house."

I've never been a mom, but I've known a few and this could be the next core ("momcore"?) to emerge. The same audience they televise Dr. Phil and The Chew for could definitely identify with these songs about post-partum depression, deadbeat dads, and feeling unappreciated and trapped in "a different kind of prostitution." It's not for the faint of heart, but neither is motherhood. JESSE SENDEJAS JR

Are you a Houston act you think we should know about? Let us know on Twitter at @hprocksoff.


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The Manichean don't know how to write a song or play their instruments.


How about Runaway Sun, Shellee Coley, or Folk Family Revival?


Scale the Summit - totally original, years of touring experience, 4 albums, an all 4 of them are prodigiously good at their instruments.  THE Houston band as far as I'm concerned, but I know that instrumental music is not for everybody. 

Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander

I went to see them in Bryan last weekend and was dissapointed to hear they broke up the day before. my other band Bike Problems played a house party in 2010/11 in Austin with them and it made realize that they were more than just a "party band."

Jessica Alexander
Jessica Alexander

Hey great list, guys, but football, etc. just lost their drummer last week. hopefully they stay together though, rad guys!

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