True Blood: Life Matters Because We Die

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Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music in Six Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood -- which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston. Much thanks to, who has offered to help us with tracking down the songs of True Blood post-episode.

We've only one episode left in this season of True Blood, a season that I still can't decide if it was brilliant or a sign of further decline. It's taken some truly bizarre turns, but in doing so also made some extremely bold decisions. Perhaps none more than this week.

The death of Terry Bellefleur is damn strange, even though it's a death with no mystery behind it at all. In the midst of the vampire holocaust finally being averted in a complete and utter bloodbath of face stomping and dick-ripping, the episode focuses its entire other half on Terry's funeral.

Perhaps there is not other character you could kill and so perfectly make an audience sad. Certainly no other character managed to come so far from a damaged root into love and happiness. In a sense, it was an experience that was so quintessentially Charlaine Harris that for the first time sense season two I really remembered why I liked the books so much in the first place.

There's good old fashioned Southern fighting and casual racism at the funeral. There's heartfelt, not at all supernatural stories of the town of Bon Temps coming to re-accept Terry as he struggled with PTSD following his time in the Iraq War, flashbacks of Terry's terrible first obstacles to re-acclimate to society, and Sookie casually using her telepathy to ease the pain of others regardless of how weird it makes her seem.

It really was a triumph of an episode that explores death completely and humanely, which has been real hard to do when you start making everyone vampires. This was the true core of what made the whole Sookieverse enticing. It was the simple story of a small town where there just happen to be vampires. Every episode should be like this one.

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Note: the title of the episode comes from a song written for the 2002 movie "The Tracker" (words by Rolf de Heer, composed by Graham Tardif), and sung by Australian Aboriginal songwriter/artist Archie Leach..  See the following article: DE HEER: THE TRACKER ,

The song (it's in three parts) is recorded on the soundtrack of "The Tracker".  The two parts in English are "Far Away Home"  and "Life Matters".  They were combined for use in the episode.  There is another set of verses in a native Aboriginal language titled "Gungalairla".   

 Note that "Far Away Home" was the 2002 APRA winner for "Best Original Song Composed for a Feature Film, Telemovie, TV Series or Mini-Series" 

 Here's a link to the soundtrack on Spotify:


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