Top 10 Biker Bars In And Around Houston


4. Nomad Tavern
Yay, another garage door type of bar! We like those. And we like Nomad Tavern, with their live music, home-cooked food, and the biker patrons who frequent it. You can bring your own booze, which is obviously always freakin' sweet, but be sure to do them a solid and pick up your mixers from their bartenders, will ya? This place has earned itself a ton of regulars over the years, but you're still welcome to join in on the biker party. It won't be long before they'll all know your name, too.

2133 Bingle, 713-468-0020,


3. Woody's Beach Bar
Huge patio, live music, darts, pool tables, cheap drinks, and tons of friendly patrons, the majority of whom are bikers. It's a little bar on the beach, and it's awesome, with the sea air blowing across that giant patio while you watch the bikes -- or the waves -- roll in, and jam out to the jukebox or the band. Your pick. Oh, and try the "Liquid Cocaine" drink, cause, well, yes. It's one of the reasons we like Galveston so much.

11149 Termini-San Luis Pass Rd, Galveston, 409-740-6969


2. Bimbo's Beer & Bar-B-Q
Bimbo's has topped our list of biker bars before, and it's still up there with the best of 'em. The front porch is only a bit of what you'll get when you venture into Bimbo's, which -- as we've said before -- doesn't even serve Bar-B-Q. But who needs to, when you've got some of the raddest bikers and bikes in the city hangin' out at your establishment? Come for the beer, stay for the graffiti and the company of what are soon to be some dear old biker friends.

16718 Hufsmith-Kohrbille Rd, 281-370-3037,

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I ride a bike and have been to several of these. Great people watching for sure but never a good idea to drink then crawl on a bike (goes for cars too). I usually have water or soda.


This list really should include Jailhouse Saloon in Old Town Spring!!!


The Old Trading Post in Booth definitely should be on this list....


No buffalo freds? that place is actually in Houston.

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