Top 10 Biker Bars In And Around Houston

As our sister blog Eating...Our Words does, from time to time Rocks Off will be giving your our picks for the top taverns in various Houston-area neighborhoods. Of course, the lines can be porous, but here anything with a TABC license that cannot reasonably be considered either a restaurant, coffeehouse or live-music venue is fair game.

Photo courtesy of Paul Randall via Flickr

10. The Spot
There's an awesome happy hour, bikes galore, and frozen gadgets in your pitchers of beer to keep it nice and frosty while you're hangin' out by the ocean. What more could you ask for? Onion rings, you say? Oh, well then you're covered. Not only is The Spot famous for their biker bravado, they're also famous for their onion rings. Yeah, beer and onion rings.

3204 Seawall Blvd, Galveston, 409-621-5237,


9. Bryant's Ice House
Not only is this Katy biker bar home to events like "Miss Muddy" (we'll let you use your imagination on that one), they're also philanthropists in their own right, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project with an event sponsored by Wide Open Throttle. Pretty rad for a bar in Katy, no?

It's got a rad little history to it, too. Bryant's started as a body shop, morphed into a body shop/bar hybrid, and has become over time a biker friendly bar, sans body shop, but now with a fire pit! So yeah. That adds to the awesomeness, especially in the winter, when even those leather-clad biker babes can get a bit chilly.

26913 Katy Fwy, 281-394-0152,


8. The Dam Ice House
The Dam has already earned a spot on our previous list of the Top Ten Bars on the West Side, but they're just as worthy of their spot on this biker bar list. We'll even give you the same advice. Ladies, make sure you wear a bra to this place. I'm not suggesting you do so for any reason other than to add it to the collection of under-wares left behind by the previous visitors, all of which you'll see flying above your head like a lacy flag across the bar. It's customary at this point, really.

Nothing about this place is traditional at all, and that's what makes it so damn rad. It's a converted old Quick Lube location that is lined with some of the coolest bikes you'll ever see, since most of the patrons and even the owners are avid riders. It's cold beer and biker babes, a traditional biker bar in all senses, but don't let your lack of leather stop you from venturing over. They'll still let your nerdy ass in. Just park the minivan in the back, will ya?

1718 Hwy. 6 S., 281-496-1603,

Biker bars that are too cool for school continues on the next page.

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I ride a bike and have been to several of these. Great people watching for sure but never a good idea to drink then crawl on a bike (goes for cars too). I usually have water or soda.


This list really should include Jailhouse Saloon in Old Town Spring!!!


The Old Trading Post in Booth definitely should be on this list....


No buffalo freds? that place is actually in Houston.

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