Can't Look Away: The Top 10 MTV VMA Shenanigans

We're looking forward to Sunday's Video Music Awards, because despite MTV's relative lameness these days, the VMA shenanigans still can't be topped. Musicians come out sporting some of their worst behavior, resulting in a room full of egos and alcohol that generally leads to some pretty awesome antics.

In anticipation of Sunday's shenanigans, we've compiled a list of the ten most jaw-dropping VMA moments thus far. Here's to hoping someone can drink more alcohol than Kanye or wear something skimpier than Rose McGowan, cause those hot messes will be hard to one-up.

10. Lady Gaga appears as alter ego "Jo Calderone," as Britney shuts down her attempt to make out onstage.
Very little Lady Gaga does is shocking anymore, as she's worn out that card time and time again. However, this little video was back when people were still a little stunned by what she was doing. When Gaga appeared on the VMAs in drag, talking about how she used to touch herself at night to Britney Spears posters, well, what the hell was that? Britney shut her down on her attempt to kiss her, though. She's no Madonna, I suppose.

9. Macy Gray sports a shameless dress/album plug, and it's weird.
The words "My new album drops September 18, 2001" across the front of a dress, and "Buy it" across the ass should never exist on this planet. Ever.

8. We hate to even bring this up...again... but Kanye West hijacks the stage from Taylor Swift.
Yes, I'm sorry. I know it's been beaten to death, but honestly, this list wouldn't be legit if we didn't at least acknowledge Kanye's epic rant about Beyonce having the greatest music video of all time... during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech. What a douche.

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Rebecca Hadley
Rebecca Hadley

Showing my age, but I still love Nirvana's performance at the '92 VMAs. Cobain destroying the instruments, Novoselic destroying his head (by attempting to catch his thrown bass) and Dave Grohl chanting "Hi Axl! Hi Axl!" from the drum riser. Beautiful mayhem.

Jake Rawls
Jake Rawls

To be fair, most of the drinks at #20 were pretty awful. Except for Surge. That shit was awesome.

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