The Best Things We Overheard at the HPMA Showcase

Photo by Groovehouse
Poor, poor Dirt Bar.
"Walk, walk, walk, walk, walk," said a man holding up female at the end of the night.

"We don't fucking live there! We live in Houston, Texas."

"That's my car! It's still alive!"

"I'm fat. Let's party!" (T-shirt outside Dirt Bar)

Photo by Groovehouse
Recovery Room
"These guys are like hardcore lounge, and I don't know whether I hate it or love it" -- overheard at Reserve 101 during Recovery Room

"I hate that Dirt Bar!"

"Why can't they stagger the showtimes?! Every single hour, I have to make a decision that breaks my heart!"

"Want my extra drink tickets? I'm not gonna use 'em."
"What can I get with them?"
"Two Bud Lights or one Citron."
"Ehhh, no thanks, I'm good."

"A friend of mine almost talked me into going to Warped Tour today. I would have been really pissed off at myself if I'd paid $50 to go see a bunch of screamo bands I grew out of eight years ago instead of this."

One Latino to another, walking away from Ben's Beans before the La Sien set: "I wouldn't say I don't like Latin music --  yeah... I don't like it."

"Please tell me that's a fucking wig." -- about American Fangs' singer, Gabriel Cavazos. It was a wig.

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Miggs Salazar
Miggs Salazar

Duno! Ask Christian Larson.....but virgos R horny!!! Lmao


I overheard someone call the stage at Dirt Bar a drum riser! LOL!

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