UPDATED: The Best Concerts In Houston This Week: Heart, Bruno Mars, The Leavers, Bill Kirchen, etc.

Photo by Jasmine Lee Richardson
UPDATED (Monday, 11 a.m.): Removes Tianna Hall, who is not playing Sambuca this evening.

DJ Sun
The Flat, April 1

Now that some of the well-deserved publicity surrounding DJ Sun's first-ever full-length release, One Hundred, has subsided a little, his true accomplishment on the disc seems even more impressive. In the span of 70 minutes, he pours his 20-plus-year career as one of Houston's most in-demand DJs into a seamless work that never lulls, never lags and maintains an unshakably mellow groove throughout.

But then, One Hundred's intricately laid-back latticework should come as no surprise to anyone lucky enough to have met the man. Among his multitude of weekly gigs, Sun's long-running Monday residency at the Flat is probably the most chill environment to glimpse this true turntable craftsman at work. CHRIS GRAY

Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, August 14

With some of the best hard-rock ballads known to man, Heart has been proving the legitimacy of women in rock since the '70s. The Seattle band began its rise with gigantic power ballads like "Crazy on You" and "Magic Man," as sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson held steadfast around an ever-revolving lineup for 40 years, right through envelope-pushing 2012 album Fanatic.

Earlier this year, the Wilsons welcomed back some former members to help celebrate their long-overdue Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, busting out a thunderous "Crazy on You" at the New York ceremony. And you were just hoping for "Barracuda," eh? With Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience. ANGELICA LEICHT

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Hey, thanks for the nice comments. Looking forward to the show Thursday night. Hope to see you there. The Leavers

Nelo Maciel
Nelo Maciel

Im waiting for the Man Man show next month at Fitzgeralds

Nicholas Hunter
Nicholas Hunter

So did you guys not notice that Chucho Valdes is playing the Miller Outdoor Theater tomorrow, or did you just assume the typical HP reader would be more interested in Heart or Bruno Mars?

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