The Rocks Off 100: Robert McCarthy, Guitarist From Beyond

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Who? Now, I got to know Robert McCarthy because I fell in love with a band called Thunderkunt. Why wouldn't you? That was a good time, and McCarthy assures me that the band will be back this Christmas, but until then he's been rocking guitars and vocals for From Beyond, the excellent, underrated lo-fi metal act. 2012's One Year was one of the best metal releases I'd seen in a decade, full of lots and lots and lots of dooooooooom.

McCarthy grew up with your standard classic-rock background, but it was Silent Hill 3 composer Akira Yamaoka who really led to his particular, hopeless style of playing. The mesmerizing horror soundtrack unleashed an equally hypnotic pit specter of the guitar. After Thunderkunt he wanted to explore that side more, and used From Beyond to tackle a psychedelic vibe as well as a more metal approach. He plays all the instruments on From Beyond records except drums, emboldened by the power of controlling so much of the band's ability.

Home Base: McCarthy sets up wherever he can, but his main workspace is Digital Warehaus. He tends to be struck with inspiration at the most convenient times, and his neighbors hate having him wake up in the middle of the night to drop '80s VHS horror riffs quickly into his little analog rig before the ideas fade.

His favorite place to play is Fitzgerald's, particularly upstairs. It offers a chance to blast sound from a wall of amplifiers, adding a grandiose spectacle while not losing the coziness of the local hot spot. He's also a fan of the lighting setup.


From Beyond: An Excellent 9-Minute Year

Why Do You Stay In Houston: McCarthy has a lot of hope in his heart for the city. He dreams of a big scene where all the acts are banded together.

Music Scene Pet Peeve: "This is a tough question to answer," McCarthy offers. "Ultimately, I guess I could say that my biggest pet peeve about the scene, particularly the metal scene, is how divided it is, almost to the point that there isn't even one to mention.

"Although there are a handful of people who are supportive through and through, by and large, most of the musicians that I know that play the same music don't show up to each other's shows," he adds. "Then when smaller touring bands come here, they wonder why they even bothered, because the people that would be out supporting that genre of music aren't there supporting. I'm certainly part of that problem, I'll admit it."


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