Neon Boots, Texas' Biggest Country LGBT Bar, is Open for Business

Sure, the bar will be instating a "Drag Night" on Sundays, but Neon Boots is no different than any other country bar I've been to.

With blue and red painted walls, aluminum siding and leather seating areas, the only differences between Neon Boots and other country bars are that majority of the patrons are gay, and there are just as many Rainbow flags hanging on the wall as there are Texas flags. But the men still wear Wranglers, the beer is still ice cold, and there is just as much hospitality.

"In Houston, a lot of country bars discriminate, or they just appeal to a different crowd than what you'll find here," said Michelle Thompson, a patron. "But here, we can all be ourselves without any pretenses."

Neon Boots currently has three bars set up for service, which includes the bar inside of the more low-key Esquire Room, which pays homage to the building's history. Additionally, the bar has kept the original stage (which is retractable to accommodate its needs,) as well as a regulation-size ballroom floor, a few pool tables and ample seating area.

And that's just what they've got now.

According to the Neon Boots team, there are already plans in motion to add a Gay Bingo night by October (Daily owns Big Tex Bingo on Veterans Memorial Dr.), a mechanical bull and live music on Fridays. Add in plans for sand volleyball and horseshoe pits to the back patio area, and the bases seem to be covered. Of course all upgrades take planning and time, but Diane promises that Neon Boots will be "constantly evolving into something bigger and better."

Until then, the bar's DJ, Lorenzo, might be the best in Houston with his well-paced mixture of country and pop hits from the past few decades.

So if you've got the urge to dance, scoot over to Neon Boots. Everyone is welcome, and no matter what, it seems destined to become one of the best country bars in Houston.

Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon
11410 Hempstead Hwy
(713) 677-0828
Official Website

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AV Richardson

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Jimi Austin
Jimi Austin

Not my thing, but glad to see it doing well. Would like to see Hempstead Hwy become the new Washington Ave before yuppies ruined it. Maybe then it'll actually get paved.


It was nice interviewing with you Alyssa, thanks for such a great article! - Justin

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