Icona Pop at Fitzgerald's, 8/21/2013

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Photos by Cory Garcia
Icona Pop, K.Flay, Sirah
August 21, 2013

Twice this year I have gone to major music shows where someone has thrown on Icona Pop's breakthrough single "I Love It" and thousands of people have lost their minds. It's one of those infectious tracks that a lot of people just can't resist, and the sight of so many people jamming to it is pretty impressive.

There's something risky in going to see a group on their first headlining tour, much in the same way there's something risky about going to see a group with one megasingle to their name. With only a handful of their songs and not a lot of experience in the headliner spot (at least in the U.S.), it wouldn't be crazy to wonder if the Swedish duo was up to the challenge of putting on a good show.

There were not thousands of folks packed in to Fitzgerald's Wednesday night, but there were times when it felt that way. Icona Pop may not be playing arenas yet, but they bring an arena feel to their shows.

Yeah, it's safe to say they got this.

They've got lights, and matching outfits, and winning smiles, and great songs, but perhaps the most important thing Icona Pop brings to the table is confidence. They don't just act like they belong on the Fitz stage, the act like they belong on any damn stage they want to play on.

Of course, it helps that they do in fact have great songs. There might not be a ton of them, but the ones they have so far in their career are all pretty good. More importantly, they're not just good in the "these will fill time before we play the song everyone wants to hear" way. While there were those in attendance who just wanted to hear "I Love It" (and weren't afraid to be annoyingly vocal about it), there was also a healthy collection of folks who actually knew most of the songs and were happy to hear them. It's clear they're building a following beyond the big song.

What is interesting about what Icona Pop does on stage, versus most of what goes for touring pop shows these days, is that they're sort of a hybrid live show/DJ act. They sing to backing tracks, but they manipulate those tracks too, throwing on effects and building beats. It's not always easy to see what they're doing, but you hear it, and those sonic manipulations give the tracks some life away from their studio origins.

Still, there is no greater display of confidence, and guts for that matter, then not actually playing the version of the song folks paid money to hear. Yes, most of the recognizable elements of "I Love It" were there when they played it to close their set, but it wasn't a straight run-through of the radio smash.

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It's not an irrational dislike. It's based on some valid points, with the first one being that "I Love It" is a terrible song. :)

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