House of Creeps Packs 'Em In at "We're Getting Sued!" Party

There, I walked straight into the flailing assault of the Portland hardcore threesome Sloths, whose metallic punch hit a damn sight harder than anything I saw over at the Creeps' on Saturday. The crowd was smaller over there, but Sloths bassist Alec van Staveren took advantage of the modicum of extra space by ramming his body into the crowd repeatedly. Folks seemed to like that quite a bit.

As the clock crept toward 2 a.m., things showed few signs of slowing down. Loud, happy people were still spilling into the street, guzzling beers and yakking it up on any number of scintillating topics. As I waited for a cab, I couldn't help but feel relieved that somebody else would be cleaning up after all of them.

Sunday, I checked in with O.G. Creepster Scott Doyle, who confirmed that the night had been a resounding success. HHOC met their financial goal for the evening, earning enough to pay their lawyer fees. They even sold out of T-shirts.

Good news for the Creeps. Better news for local live music fans. Having put on possibly their biggest and best event yet without a single complaint, the ambitions (and expectations) for Houston's premiere DIY showcase can only grow from here.

Personal Bias: First Creepshow.

The Crowd: Freaky and friendly.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Aluminum siding! Don't forget!"

Random Notebook Dump: Not sure how they're getting away with this, exactly, but I'm glad that they are.


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The Doctor's Office

1301 Nance St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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