The Bozo Porno Circus Diaries: Thursday, April 24, 2002

Categories: Gothtopia

If you never saw a Bozo Porno Circus show then you just plain missed out. The Tone Zone Records band was a freakout and a half, stuffed to the wall with loud noises and pretty girls getting sparks shot off their metal-covered crotches by belt sanders. Recently, lead guitarist Chris "The" Lane (aka Crispy and, for a brief hilarious time, Nikki Wykkid) uncovered a treasure trove of tour diaries and photos, so in the next few days we'll be heading down a well of Houston-flavored debauchery from the glory days of Houston's goth scene. Here we go:

Today we drove to Indianapolis, and arrived at Birdies early in the evening. When your industrial/fetish rock band is playing at a venue called Birdies, that's probably not the best sign possible, but the club itself looked pretty decent. Kind of a generic, medium-sized music club with sports bar leanings.

It was the sort of place that some sad version of Warrant might play at.

I had hopes that the show would be well attended, but was also worried, because from my experience our core fan base of gothic and industrial club people tended to be wary of venues like Birdies -- perhaps the Budweiser posters featuring bikini models frightened them or something.

We got our sound check done on time for once, but by the time we were done there were already a few people filtering into the club. I was almost immediately approached by a blonde goth woman who let me know in very direct terms that she admired me.

She was nice and not too pushy, but I decided to hide out backstage until the show. Since we had such a developed image, I always felt like it looked kind of lame to hang out in the club before playing. It sort of blows your image if people see you nursing a beer in your street clothes.

The show went really well despite fairly small crowd of maybe 60 people -- most of them were really into things, and the energy level was high. During our encore, the blonde from earlier and an attractive friend of hers got onstage to dance and play, while our girls electrocuted some goofy frat-boy type with their dreaded violet wand. It was essentially a small wand-shaped torture device, and reminded me of a cattle prod combined with a sex toy.

This show was also my first sighting of Afroman, one of our most dedicated fans. He followed us around the Midwest for that tour. I never really got to talk to him, but his persistence was admirable. After the show, the two girls that had joined us onstage asked the band over to their place for a party, but we ended up driving to our promoter's house instead.

I will say that while I often had offers from female fans while on tour, and got to know a few fairly well - Some becoming genuine friends over time -- I spent more time avoiding women than chasing them. I was certainly no angel, but being offered sex with someone that you just met, no matter how attractive they were, I always had to wonder how many other guys in bands received the same offer.

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