UPDATED: Top 10 Bars, Clubs & Ice Houses In the East End (or "EaDo")

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Really, why have a wine bar when you can have somewhere it's Mardi Gras all the time? That must be what the people behind Cork Soakers were thinking when they converted the wine bar into this Lousiana-themed room. (Thanks to reader @kylejack for the heads-up, too.) Now to go along with some bayou bites, Mojeaux's offers swampy cocktails like Hurricanes, Cajun Coolers, Geaux-Geaux Juice (for all you LSU fans) and the intimidating-sounding "Swamp Pyrat." But if you must have wine, they've got plenty of that too.

2024 Rusk, 713-222-2675, 713-222-6656, mojeauxsld.com

Awesome happy hour specials, half-barrels covering the wall lights and a relaxed, low-key atmosphere are just icing on the cake for this wine dive. The service is attentive, and there are plenty of comfortable leather chairs and couches on which you can lounge while you sip your wine of choice.

Rumor has it that establishment's name is derived from that SNL skit from a few years back. If you haven't seen it, just say it aloud a few times, and you'll get it.

2024 Rusk, 713-222-2675, corksoakershouston.com

Medel's is an in-the-know dive, down to the bone. It's is the kind of place where, if you aren't already a regular (which you probably aren't), you'll get noticed as soon as you walk inside. Akin to a Bud Light commercia,l though, you'll be rubbing shoulders and laughing it up with your new pals by the end of the night.

The drinks are cheap and cold, and the jukebox is rife with old country-western hits. So put on a classic, grab a cold one and take it easy. If they're selling popcorn outside, grab some of that too.

3509 Harrisburg Blvd., 713-237-8930, Facebook page

Just next door to one of the most well-rounded music venue in town (Warehouse Live), Lucky's offers a strong beer selection, fair prices and room to spare. Pregame concerts and sporting events or, when it's an away game, show your support for the home team alongside plenty of other adoring fans.

While you're there, grab a pizza or some wings off their full menu. It's bar food, but it's solid.

801 St Emanuel, 713-522-2010, Web site

Nightly drink specials and an abundant supply of beers on tap, many of which are local choices, will keep your whistle wet as you wander around Little Woodrow's' East end offering.

The environment is comparable to the establishment's other locations around town, relaxed around happy hour and prone to getting livelier and livelier as the night wears on. Every Tuesday, join Geeks Who Drink for some nerdy trivia.

2019 Walker, 713-222-2224, Web site

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Location Info


8th Wonder Brewery

2202 Dallas St., Houston, TX

Category: General

Saint Arnold Brewery

2000 Lyons Ave., Houston, TX

Category: General

Home Plate Bar & Grill

1800 Texas, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant


2300 Pierce St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Cork Soakers Wine Bar

2024 Rusk, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

Lucky's Pub

801 St. Emanuel, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Little Woodrow's

2019 Walker, Houston, TX

Category: Music

Mojeauxs Louisiana Drinkery

2024 Rusk St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

Moon Tower Inn

3004 Canal, Houston, TX

Category: Music


708 Telephone Road, Houston, TX

Category: General

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Those of us who were born and raised there don't call it EaDo. Also, a lot of these places aren't even in East Downtown. Also, fuck the developers and real estate agents who came up with that stupid name.


No Harrisburg Country Club?? or Super Happy Fun Land???

Crappy/Lazy research on the author's part.

I should have known this article was Crap when I saw the term "EADO."

ALSO, if you want to get REALLY hardcore 2nd Ward / Eastend, how can you leave out El Amanecer Night Club????  NOW THAT IS EAST END!!  :)


I absolutely hate the term 'Eado.' It's purely a way to take away from the cultural identity of neighborhoods like the Second Ward,which is another conversation on of itself. Furthermore, I grew up 4 blocks from Bohemeo's and have been a patron since it opened in 2006. That neighborhood has always been 'budding.' I guess it takes a new wave of hipsters to get positive attention.


HOME PLATE BAR & GRILL???  This is in DT proper...srsly, do some research...

Kylejack topcommenter

Also, Cork Soakers doesn't exist anymore.

Kylejack topcommenter

5 of these are not in EaDo, making it all the more clear that we don't need to say EaDo ever again.

EaDo is not another name for the East End, it is a different defined area.


@iamhomerogonzalez Social trends tell me that even though something might exist, it doesn't become a real trend until white hipsters or yuppies latch onto it.

Kylejack topcommenter

@iamhomerogonzalez Yep, pretty ridiculous to talk about Eastwood like it barely existed when it was built in 1913 by the same developer that developed Woodland Heights.

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