50 States of Song Part 3: Massachusetts to New Jersey

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When I was in third grade I learned all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to a catchy tune. Now I'm hoping to stick that bit of trivia just in time for the new school year by celebrating each state with an appropriate song all this week.

Massachusetts: Dropkick Murphys, "State of Massachusetts"
I hate to start off on a down note, but it's the Dropkick Murphys and I don't pass up chances like that. The song is not a condemnation of the state, but a call out to broken families left behind in the wave of substance abuse. It found new life on the radio in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, though I'm not entirely sure what the connection is.

Michigan: Milk Carton Kids, "Michigan"
It's hard to find a song about anyone going to Michigan these days. Everything seems to be about running away and looking at the state in the rearview mirror. Milk Carton Kids are no different. It's a broken place in the wake of so much hardship, and I guess I can't blame people that just up and leave.

Minnesota: Weird Al, "The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota"
Anyone who is a serious Weird Al fan will tell you that the best work he does is not the parodies, but the long, rambling surreal tunes like "Albuquerque" and this one. It's a folksong about a family vacation to visit a giant ball of twine. Incidentally, there really is a big-ass ball of twine in the state. Made of baler's twine and rolled by Francis A. Johnson all by himself, the ball measures 12 feet in diameter and weighs 17,400 pounds.

Mississippi: King's X, "Mississippi Moon"
Most songs about Mississippi all go for that river song vibe, so it was nice to hear from King's X. Granted, it's not the deepest song in the world, and it really just kind of a reboot from "If I Could Fly," but it's catchy as all get out.

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Note: Michigan ≠ Detroit.  Tourism's been pretty good so far this year, so *somebody's* coming here.

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