Your Guide to This Year's Summer Slaughter Tour

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Brother, if you came for brutality, you're in luck. It's summer and that means it's time for the metal roadshows to hit Houston once again. Over the course of the next week, we'll be seeing the Summer Slaughter Tour, the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, the All-Stars Tour, and Vans Warped Tour all making their rounds in H-town.

You may be asking yourself, "Who are these bands? Rocks Off, help me. I don't know metal." That's okay, because I know everything about metal, and I'm here to tell you which bands you need to look out for. Today we'll focus on the Summer Slaughter Tour, which hits the House of Blues tomorrow and is guaranteed to make your ears bleed with a punishing lineup of extreme and progressive metal bands.

Heavy as all hell, deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder was an inspired choice to open the show. Their sound may not be incredibly unique, but they're so good at what they do that they shine and excel in their genre. Watch out for the pits during this one.

So-called "aliencore," Rings of Saturn is one of the biggest proponents of the alien movement in today's metalcore and deathcore scenes. Aside from the dramatic hook of extraterrestrial life, though, their "deathcore with solos" sound leaves something to be desired.

Swedish death-metal band Aeon has been plugging away since 1999, but honestly sound far too much like any number of other bands from their home country who play almost the exact same style of music. It's one thing to play to your genre, and another to be lacking in creativity.

Revocation is obviously very talented technically, but they do little to distinguish themselves from the combined thrash and technical death-metal influences of Megadeth and Meshuggah. As many bands as play a style like this, they might be a band to skip this time around.

The Ocean is a German band being promoted as "post-metal," but they don't sound much like it to me. What they do sound like is a highly technical metal band playing with the obvious influence of Mastodon, whose style on the album Blood Mountain informs but does not completely overwhelm The Ocean. This is going to be one of the lesser-known bands to keep your ears peeled for at this year's show.

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House of Blues

1204 Caroline, Houston, TX

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