True Blood: Music For Sookie's Stupid Fairy Vagina

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Alan Ball was known for his masterful use of music inSix Feet Under. He's lost none of his touch when it comes to his current HBO series, True Blood -- which happens to be set in the Louisiana swamps, not terribly far from Houston. Much thanks to, who has offered to help us with tracking down the songs of True Blood post-episode.

A lot happened this week, including major deaths, revelations of a world-shattering vampire plot, and Anna Paquin taking her clothes off again. Before we get into that, I want to point out that everything this season that isn't the Vampire Holocaust is basically being held together by Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette.

Oh, he's not driving the story or anything the way he did in Season 4, but his is literally the only connection between everything that is happening. Sam and Alcide's side-quest over the custody of Emma, Terry's increasingly mental breakdown, and truth being the death of Sookie's parents are all pretty much completely different television shows happening in the same 50-minute time slot except for the fact that Lafayette drops in on each to remind you that, hey, this all takes place in a small town and used to be one cohesive narrative.

As interesting as this season is, it's starting to fracture again because the show simply has too many interesting characters off on their own arcs. This is why Doctor Who jettisons companions every year or so and leads just a little more often than that. If you don't watch what your players are doing, they'll wander off and lose the thread.

In another sense, that's why the song this week -- and many of the other songs this season -- have kind of been failures. Don't get me wrong. "Don't You Feel Me?" by Damon is an inspired song from one of the country's absolute best underground acts. He was just another vagabond musicians traveling around playing and recording when he could. He wasn't a crooner or a rock guy, he was more like Jim Morrison if he had trodden that poet's path more quietly.

Then one day a DJ picked up his album Song of a Gypsy for pocket change, and then made it one of the most sought-after underground vinyls. The title song is a perfect example of what makes that album great. It's just psychedelic enough to trip your head while keeping a nice firm grounding in rock that never lets you loose. Good tune from a good album, and another nice, obscure choice from the True Blood folks.

Too bad they used it all wrong.

You're never going to hear me complain about Anna Paquin being naked. That's a lovely thing that should happen all the time. When we get to the end of this episode, she's got Warlow tied up because he's afraid he'll hurt her at night when he's more vampire than fae.

Sookie starts thinking aloud about how Bon Temps thinks of her as a "danger whore," and in a somewhat sad to watch resignation she lets Warlow bite her before stripping and mounting him. They fuck until light shines from her vagina. No, really.

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