The 10 Cheesiest '80s and '90s CD Commercials

In the ever-changing landscape of modern music, it's easy to forget that all those relics of our collective misspent past in the days that will henceforth be referred to as "pre-MP3" or some such thing. You know, back when you had to buy music and you couldn't just check Pitchfork to find out what new albums were out and you didn't have an app to tell you what your favorite song on the radio was. All that's going away, but maybe what we here at Rocks Off miss the most is advertising.

You might think that sounds stupid, but millions of people tune in to the Super Bowl every year just for the ads. We're a consumer culture, obsessed with the latest thing being sold to us. Watercooler talk is what our latest purchases are and what we're planning to buy soon. So it's really not so strange that we're sad that we'll never see those hilarious, stupid commercials from the '80s and '90s trying to sell us CDs again.

However, thanks to YouTube, we can revisit the cream of the crop.

10. The Party Zone
Choice Quote: "You are now entering the party zone!"
Sold In Stores? No.
Observations: The sad thing is that this isn't far from my ideal 2013 party playlist, which is why nobody lets me DJ anymore.

9. '80s Wave
Choice Quote: "Get these two brand new CDs free with your paid subscription to Entertainment Weekly! ... Call now to ride the wave!"
Sold In Stores? You won't find it in any store!
Observations: For what it's worth, that Seinfeld feature did look pretty enticing in 1995.

8. That's My Jam!
Choice Quote: "That's My Jam! - the holy grail of R&B collections!"
Sold In Stores? Nope, but you can order it online right now at!
Observations: is still an active domain, and yes, you can still buy That's My Jam! for only $29.99. You know, if you're interested in hauling around a five-CD set everywhere you go in 2013.

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Too funny. And yet, I will be on YouTube for days indulging guilty pleasures.

Nina Burks
Nina Burks

And I bought it. And I STILL love the compilation, despite the cheese factor and the flammability of the hairspray used in the making of these albums.

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