10 Bands That Were Almost Named Something Really Stupid

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4. Black Sabbath
The name "Polka Tulk Blues Band" doesn't exactly strike fear in the hearts of men, but it would be kind of a hilarious name if the Sabs had decided to keep it.

Photo by Groovehouse
3. Pearl Jam
Remember Mookie Blaylock? The basketball player? No? Well, good thing Pearl Jam didn't go ahead and name themselves after him then...

2. The Bee Gees
At least R.E.M. and Pink Floyd kind of rocked, so their incongruous original names weren't quite as bad as the Bee Gees' original name of the Rattlesnakes. Because when I think "I Started a Joke," I think about a fucking rattlesnake.

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Black Sabbath should have remained "Earth"

Jason Helms
Jason Helms

Stone Temple Pilots were originally going to go by Shirley Temple's Pussy.

rayas like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

you get paid for writing this?

David Williams
David Williams

Autocorrect pisses me off. Who the fuck is Van Helen? lol

David Williams
David Williams

Van Halen had a bad name suggested to them...but they failed to mention what they were actually called before David Lee Roth insisted on Van Helen: Mammoth. Not too bad...but it was taken, so they changed it. Glad they did too...

Sean Oliver
Sean Oliver

Don't forget the cure was originally "Easy Cure".

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