10 Bands That Were Almost Named Something Really Stupid

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Take it from me, it's tough naming a band. During the one time I had my own band, it was called "Post-Hardcore Boy Band." Really great name, right? I think we can all agree that a lot of bands who have become famous have really horrible names too. Like Hoobastank, for instance.

But even some bands whose names are revered and iconic started off with some horrible ideas. Even though those names are now forgotten to all but the biggest music-trivia nerds, we'll never forget the names which could have come to define our favorite bands, even while shuddering at the thought of having to explain to someone that they're actually really good despite those names.

Photo by Jim Bricker
10. Radiohead
When Radiohead began in the '80s, they apparently had yet to discover the Talking Heads, so they decided to call themselves On a Friday. That name would have inspired far too many puns about going to see On a Friday on a Friday.

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9. Van Halen
After recording their demo with their idol Gene Simmons, the Kiss tongue-lasher told Van Halen they should change their name to "Daddy Longlegs." Good thing they didn't take his advice.

Photo by Jim Bricker
8. The Beatles
It's interesting to think: would the Beatles have become as iconic if they had kept the name the Quarrymen? It just sounds far too blue-collar for a legendary band.

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Black Sabbath should have remained "Earth"

Jason Helms
Jason Helms

Stone Temple Pilots were originally going to go by Shirley Temple's Pussy.

rayas like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

you get paid for writing this?

David Williams
David Williams

Autocorrect pisses me off. Who the fuck is Van Helen? lol

David Williams
David Williams

Van Halen had a bad name suggested to them...but they failed to mention what they were actually called before David Lee Roth insisted on Van Helen: Mammoth. Not too bad...but it was taken, so they changed it. Glad they did too...

Sean Oliver
Sean Oliver

Don't forget the cure was originally "Easy Cure".

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