Filibuster Superwoman: Musicians, DJs and Artists Who #standwithwendy

Off With Their Heads, punk band

Jerry Ochoa, Houston musician (Two Star Symphony)


Mandy Moore, pop singer/actress


Molly Ringwald, jazz singer/actress


Sweet Louise, burlesque artist


David Wild, Rolling Stone music critic


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Wendy Davis a a shameless hag. Anyone who elevates her to a role Model status has no sense or right or wrong.


The traditional social order that is the Republican fantasy faces no greater threat than a truly independent woman. Restricting abortion rights is the first step toward restoring that old traditional order and keeping the ladies in the home. The next step is making it harder to get contraceptives, an effort currently under way in Ohio and elsewhere.

Try to point out the correlation between poverty and the restriction of women's reproductive rights, and you will be met with denial or just plain disregard. Who cares about the poors, right? They have it coming, after all. They're poor. They just have to be more moral than the rest of us who can afford to ship our trophy mistresses off the Thailand for a luxurious mini-vacation to have our little problem solved. I'm sorry, did I just say morality is for poor people? But it is, isn't it?

Travis Wright
Travis Wright

I'm hurrying! We have to do everything we can to keep open filthy rat-hole abortion clinics! And 20 week+ abotions! So the baby can recognize it's mother's voice... who cares! It's inconvenient!


@Travis Wright Who doesn't love a man telling a woman what's in her best interest? Sure, this Travis guy will never get pregnant, but why should that stop him from telling women what to do? The fact that he has never stepped foot in any clinic certainly didn't stop him from generalizing them, so why should his inability to ever have children stop him from telling women what to do?

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