The Rocks Off 100: Kevin Choate, Drum Like You're Screaming

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Keith Hatch
Who? Kevin Choate partners with Ryan Andrew Dickson to form The Snow Indian. While Dickson makes with the catchy Jack White drums, Choate attacks the drums with the rage of the possessed, but with a mechanical precision that allows him his fair share of vocal duties. The combination is engaging and punchy, more than enough to dragon-kick the frown off your face.

Choate started out as a bass player, having picked up the instrument at the age of 12. He served the Jobe Wilson Band in that capacity along with Dickson until the group went on hiatus while their singer prepares for a second child in the home.

Now he's switched to the drums and struck out with his partner in a brand-new direction that's got some serious swinging balls. They're working on an EP, and looking to get into the festival scene a bit before striking out and trying a tour. Look for them soon as a part of White Linen Night in the Heights this year.

Home Base: Choate and Dickson write and rehearse way out in Anahuac, where the Jobe Wilson Band has always called home. The 50-mile drive out of town usually means they have to use the time available to its fullest potential. They rehearse all day, and write songs on the fly base don brainstorming sessions held earlier in the week.

For performances Choate likes Notsuoh and Dean's, who have booked them before in Jobe Wilson and invested slot space in their new project. Choate is also very fond of Rydyard's. The songs you can hear from The Snow Indian were all recorded live there as Rudz usually offers a pretty nice setup for live recording. The low-key bar atmosphere is also a big check in Choate's plus column.

Why Do You Stay in Houston? "It's rough," Choate admits. "We love Houston, and I've been here all my life, but Dickson has tried to run a few times. We talk about going sometime, but in truth, we're here to stay. This city fits us, and I feel like everything we ever needed is right in our backyard.

"Don't hold me to it, but I could see us staying as a Houston band for a long time before we up and leave," he continues. "As long as there are places to play and people listening, we're cool. For now, Houston has that."

Good War Story: "One time I set my drum set up backwards," Choate says. "The thing was sliding all over the stage and I couldn't figure out why. Like I said, I'm new to drums. Then the time Dickson drank too much SoCo and we slip-sloshed drunk through the whole thing, tuning and sweating.

"That was a first and last time," Choate swears. "Let's say it went as well as it could've."

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