Summerland: Everclear, Live, Filter & Sponge at Proof Bar + Patio, 7/14/2013

Live followed Filter's badass performance, and this was the one group I had been hesitant about. Without Kowalczyk, it was hard to validate this band as still being the Live that I remember from my angsty, alt-rock-worshipping high-school days. Perhaps I should have cut Chris Shinn a bit of slack, because he's got the charisma and vocal abilities to step all over those Kowalczyk-led tracks with ease, and I'd forgotten just how many hits Live actually had back in their glory days.

They reminded us, though, running through a much longer set than I'd expected, and busting out those huge radio songs like "I Alone" and "All Over You," and of course the placenta-ridden "Lightning Crashes." It still wasn't quite Live, but Shinn is an excellent replacement if there must be one, and with time, it may gel even further. It's just not quite there yet.

This whole Summerland Tour is the brainchild of Everclear's Art Alexakis, whose band is easily the biggest name on this Summerland bill in terms of longevity and mainstream appeal. It was easy to see why they were headlining, once Alexakis took the stage alongside the cutest little girl ever (his), who introduced their set.

Even with just Alexakis as the last man standing in that band, they've still got the entire Everclear vibe down to a T. That surfy, peppy, alt-rock sound that has made them so distinguishable is still right where they left it, even if new folks picked up to back his vocals where the others left off.

And Alexakis is one of the most charismatic front men from the '90s scene, honestly. He's just freakin' likable; there's something really crystal-clear about his intentions after all these years. He doesn't feel like a nostalgia act, or at least he doesn't appear to feel that way. He's just up there, makin' music and playing those radio hits that folks have come to expect from them.


Everclear's Art Alexakis on Living In Montrose, Fatherhood and Summerland

And play them they did; their entire set was a run-through of every hit they've had -- "Santa Monica," "Father of Mine," "Heroin Girl," they played 'em all. You'd hardly know that the band isn't sporting the original lineup, either. They're just a solid group, and they are what they are. Alexakis loves the stage, he loves the music, and he really seems to enjoy the fans out in the audience, all of whom were jamming along to those old songs right along with him.

By the end of Everclear's set, it didn't matter that the venue was a bit dodgy in terms of space, or that we were bouncing around on hot-as-shit asphalt; Summerland promised some of the bigger, better alt-rock acts of the '90s, and they delivered, even on the pavement in a parking lot.

Personal Bias: I saw Everclear a few years ago at House of Blues with my baby sis, and I didn't expect to like them nearly as much as I did, so I knew going into this that they still play one hell of a set.

The Crowd: Oh, what a strange mix. Bros and chicks, and everywhere in between.

Overheard In the Crowd: "Does this bartender really need sunglasses indoors? I mean, it's fuckin' overcast, for Christ's sake."

Random Notebook Dump: It's July in Houston. Indoors next time?

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Proof Rooftop Lounge

2600 Travis St., Houston, TX

Category: Music

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Shout out!!! 

That still kinda stinks about the venue. I hate thinking one thing and then there being a change. It's crazy stressful. Dang, I bet Sponge was hella great. And Art just seems so genuine. Sad to have missed this one.


"And Alexakis is one of the most charismatic front men from the '90s scene, honestly. He's just freakin' likable; there's something really crystal-clear about his intentions after all these years. "

This seems awfully like the lead that the Chron ran.:

"There is something endearing about Everclear front man Art Alexakis. While many bands love to relive the glory days to collect a check based off nostalgia, Alexakis seems to mean well."



Were you at the same show?  I knew every song Everclear played, I didnt recognize any. Perhaps you were not on the roof, or near the sound board or under the red bull umbrellas at the time - I tried everywhere. Art, could not carry a tune.

He did not harmonize a single word or verse; opposite his over-produced pop radio songs; he was Alfalfa-like off key throughout, he was pitchy to steal a line from idol; and his new bassist kept having to give him cues to sing the next verse by hitting the transition hard on the first note and staring him down, just like I do to get my dog to listen.

It was awful and embarassing, and a whole lot of fun.

Not so sorry I missed LIVE now... through sounds like I should give it a shot.



Well no wonder it was written in HP as a good peformance, I wonder if the writer actually heard him try to remember the words, stay on key, stay in tune and ramble or mumble lyrics like a cheech and chong song...  horrible.


@johndee405 So, dude -- are you really suggesting that this review (or at least that paragraph) is a rewrite of the Chron's review? What?

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