The Rocks Off 100: DJ Rockwell, Booth Pimp and Party-Rocker

Photos by Marco Torres
DJ Rockwell is one Houston's most versatile and talented DJs, and one of the many assets of the Booth Pimps DJ collective. His ability to rock any party to the fullest with Top 40 to hip-hop to anything in between, this DJ certainly lives up to his name.

Who? A native of New Mexico, Rockwell has been living in Houston for seven years now and considers Houston his home just as much as New Mexico. "I have two older sisters that influenced me musically growing up, and they both had very diverse tastes in music" he explains.

"I was drawn to hip-hop and reggae mostly," he explains. "I came up heavy in the underground hip-hop scene in New Mexico, which is a lot bigger than people may think. All of my friends were either B-boys, graffiti writers or DJs. I was drawn into DJing in the early '90s and have never looked back.

"I started at house parties, then started opening up for hip-hop concerts, eventually ending up on KISS 97.3, the top rated hip-hop and R&B station in Albuquerque," Rockwell continues. "I was later transferred to their sister station PARTY 104.9/93.3 in Houston."

Home Base: "Houston is my home base and is where I DJ most of the time," he says. "I still make it out to New Mexico, but Houston Is definitely home."

Why Do You Stay In Houston? "Houston is a dope city I have always felt welcome here and have made so many good friends," crows Rockwell. "Back in 2009 when the radio station flipped, I could have left... but something told me to stay here. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I feel at home here and every year that passes I love this city that much more."

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