Carlos Vives at Toyota Center, 7/28/2013

Photos by Marco Torres
Carlos Vives
Toyota Center
July 28, 2013

The Republic of Colombia is a South American nation known for its beautiful people, delicious food, and festive music. On the one hand, you have cumbia, an especially wonderful and eternally danceable music that has evolved and grown throughout the Americas and into the United States. The other genre that originated in Colombia is vallenato, which is considerably more folky and pure, danced with a sort of gallop, somewhere between slowed-down merengue and sped-up bachata.

Carlos Vives is one of vallenato's greatest stars. The soap opera actor-turned-musician is credited with placing vallenato onto the international stage, sharing the culture and traditions of his home country with the world. His long career has seen many international hits and collaborations with some of Latin music's most popular artists.

Co-star of the show, accordion master Egidio Cuadrado
Vives' current tour is called "Como Le Gusta a Mi Pueblo," which translates into "That's How My People Like It." The name is fitting for the 51-year-old (holy moly, this guy looks great for his age!). His last big success was 2001's Dejame Entrar album which won him a Grammy. After such a long hiatus, an artist might be tempted to reinvent himself with newer, flashier looks and sound. But Vives stays true to his fans on Corazón Profundo, which was released earlier this year.

The concert began with a video intro for Vives. It showed him swimming in the ocean, then following a group of kids deeps into the lush jungle, ending by kneeling in front of a shaman, who provided him with the words of wisdom, "the spirit of the land will always be with you." That led into the first song of the night, "Dejame Entrar (Let Me In)."

The crowd, after waiting almost an hour after the scheduled start time, was more than ready to join Vives on this journey. Almost immediately, the fans were on their feet, singing and dancing, smiling and hugging each other. Everything, from the musicians to the lighting to Vives' energetic gestures, seemed perfect, as if we were all in one long music video. The new song "Como Le Gusta a Tu Cuerpo" certainly added to the festive atmosphere.

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Toyota Center

1510 Polk, Houston, TX

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Great review, hopefully you can make the Enanitos Verdes show on the 7th.

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