Bun B and Trae Tha Truth at Baybrook Mall, 6/15/2013

Photos by Marco Torres
Zumiez Couch Tour feat. Bun B and Trae Tha Truth
Baybrook Mall
June 14th, 2013

SLIDESHOW: Summer Skate: The 2013 Zumiez Couch Tour Hits Houston

Music and skateboarding have always been interconnected. The influential 2001 documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys is remembered for both the skating featured in the film and the music included in the soundtrack. The widely popular Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series of video games introduced punk, grunge, and metal (and, to a small extent, hip-hop) to a new generation of fans.

Every video of a skate session uploaded to YouTube is incomplete without a jammin' and energetic song to complement it. Last Friday afternoon, that allure of skateboards mixed with music attracted hundreds of young people to the Baybrook Mall parking lot in the triple-digit heat for the Zumiez Couch Tour.

The fact that school was out for the summer was evident as the majority of the crowd were middle- and high-school-aged kids looking for an escape from the boredom of home. It actually gives me comfort that these kids chose to spend a few hours of their lives without air conditioning just to get outdoors and make new friends. No complaining about the heat here, they just dealt with it. Plenty of water and sunscreen was provided, as well as merchandise booths by apparel brands such as Neff and Oakley. Kids could even customize their skateboards with a variety of designs, and scribble on a graffiti wall.

Zumiez even hosted the "Best Foot Forward" amateur skate contest for those brave enough to enter into the arena. A set of 20 or so young skaters participated, some showing off their impressive skills all while avoiding serious injury. Lifestyle and apparel brand DGK's pro skate team was also on hand to showcase the advanced tricks, flips, and ollies, much to the appreciation of the crowd.

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Great Random Notebook Dump. I agree, 100 percent.

Creg Lovett
Creg Lovett

That's amazing. I lived down there 12 years and nothing this cool ever happened


@Francisco Muñiz-Belmares They probably forbade their employees from even going to the show on their free time. God only know they aren't allowed to play the music of their choice on their free time either, just ask Brandi Garcia.

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