Music's 10 Biggest Tools Right Now

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Let's just jump right on in to this one, shall we? Blogs about musicians exhibiting extreme tool-like behavior don't need much of an introduction.

A lot of musicians opt out of behaving like normal, rational adults, and we like to rag on them a bit, especially when they're misbehaving on some ridiculously naughty levels. These are those musicians, in list form.

From epic Twitter breakdowns, racist comments and calling folks chickenshits to stomping all over the American flag and (allegedly) hiring a hitman to off the ol' ball and chain, the artists below really need to learn a lesson on when to say when.

10. Blake Shelton
Shelton has been known for sticking his Twitter foot in his mouth for as long as he's been on social media, and there's really nothing cute about it at this point. His Twitter rants have overshadowed his music and his role on The Voice, and there's so much PR spin going on by his team that even they seem aware of his tool status. Perhaps he wouldn't have to grace the cover of People magazine to explain away the marital rumors if he'd be less focused on calling critics "chickenshits" and a wee bit more focused on improving his music, which is crap.

9. Axl Rose
Axl is wound tighter than those synthetic ginger braids that sit atop his head, and he -- along with the new backing band now being marketed as Guns N' Roses -- were just in town to play a concert at House of Blues (for which Rocks Off's media credentials were suspiciously revoked), so it seems fitting to include him on this list. I don't think I need to go into the details of the years worth of rants and refusals to attend Hall of Fame inductions and the like to validate this choice. Again, when your diva behavior is overshadowing your musical credibility, it might be time to start relaxing just a wee bit, no?

8. Miley Cyrus
It appears that Miley is trying really super-hard to be an individual, but some of the stuff she's spewing out into the world just sounds (and looks) so asinine. She claims to have been typecast as the "white Nicki Minaj," while stating in the same sentence that while she loves "hood" music, she's got actual talent as a singer.

She's also sporting a gold grill and has been quoted as saying the following ridiculous shit to Rock City: "I want urban. I just want something that feels black." That quote itself is quite tool-ish; how, per se, does one "feel black" -- or white -- for that matter? It's all an attention-grab, and surely there are less douchey ways to go about that.

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Tina Marie
Tina Marie

Yep, absolutely should have had Kanye! He's more tool than Hank and/or Nug! Not saying they aren't, but seriously? You left off the KING of Tool??????


I'd take of Miley and replace her with Dave Mustane. Miley is pretty harmless as far as teen idols are concerned, especially compared to her counterparts. Mustane is just an outright dumbass.


Agreed on all points, and a little Nugent bonus:  when I saw him open for Kiss on the (first) Kiss Farewell Tour at the Alamodome in *San Antonio* the Nuge had the balls to come out on stage and immediately get booed heavily by saying "if you don't speak English, get the fuck out of my country."  Asshat.

MadMac topcommenter

Agreed on all points, Ms. Leicht and I know what I'll be tweeting when I'm off Uncle Sugar's dime. Oh, and two words for Justin: Leif Garrett.


Two things 1) the tooly wheel gets the oil because the only bad press is no-press in showbidness; and 2) these guys aren't famous because their doctoral dissertation helped advanced the field of..well...anything. Artists use to get attention by lashing out with outrageous, but socially relevant/changing statements.  MTV figured out about 10 years ago you could cut out the "socially relevant/changing" part of that equation.


I met Tim at warped tour before his workout phase started and he seemed like a pretty chill guy. Not that that excuses him from attempting to have someone murder his wife...

Props for not taking the Kanye cop-out on this topic!

BobbyFreshpants topcommenter

I agree that Bieber is a knob but those paps deserve everything they get. Get out of the way and let the kid go be a dick somewhere else!


@p_ann The fact that he got booed in Texas says a lot. He likes to think of himself as a true Texan (by way of Michigan) and has adopted a bigoted stance in line with his belief that Texans are all ignorant, bigoted Jesus freaks. Chickenhawk through and through.

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