Dance Music and DJ's: Meet the Pride Festival Performers


It's officially Pride Weekend in Houston, which means it's time for some of the most fabulous parties, music, and dancing that will happen all year. It also means it's time for the Pride Festival, which will only be better thanks to the awesome folks at the Supreme Court and the whole, oh, obliterating Prop 8 and DOMA thing.

So, given that there is reason to celebrate even harder than in years past, we've decided to put together this little preview of the performers who will be taking center stage at the Pride Festival this year. They'll give you even more of a reason to be excited for the festivities. Promise.

2:15 p.m. Courtney Locke

Katy native Courtney Locke, and her homage to the Donna Summer's classic, "Last Dance," will be taking the stage early in the festival to show off her stuff. Locke, whose father is gay, has belted out more than just disco tracks recently; she also showed off her chops during a recent Astros game, where she sang the national anthem to the crowd (however few were in attendance).

2:45 p.m. Jess Walker
If you haven't heard of Jess Walker just yet, expect to be hearing that name quite a bit soon. She's on her way up, thanks, in part, to the soulful, melodic single "Bones," an inspiring little number that pushes the message of empowerment. She's gained quite a following with that track, and she's already shared the stage with guys like the Charlie Lucas Band.

3:30 p.m. Lauren Miller

Lovers of burlesque, take note: Lauren Miller, the 2011 Pride SuperStar runner-up, will be taking the stage to perform at the Pride Festival this year. The Houston local is best known for her burlesque performances with the Houston Burlesque Review, performing at venues like Jones Hall and AvantGarden, just to name a few.

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