The Suffers and Chase Hamblin & the Roustabouts at Discovery Green, 6/20/13

Photos by Nicholas Zalud
The Suffers
The Suffers, Chase Hamblin and the Roustabouts
Discovery Green
June 20, 2013

If there's a better spot to catch a concert in June than the grassy slope of Discovery Green, brother, that spot ain't in Houston. If you thought that braving the heat to check out some live music beneath the city's skyline was a good time during Free Press Summer Festival, try relaxing in the very shadow of those skyscrapers and listening to great local tunes on a finely manicured lawn... for free.

That unparalleled experience is quickly making the Discovery Green Thursday Concerts series, sponsored by UH-Downtown, a local institution. While our city's summers are often (rightly) deplored as sweaty, sticky trials of endurance, an evening outdoors in the park goes a long way to prove that maybe the whole "Don't go outside until October!" thing is a tad overblown.

Chase Hamblin and his Roustabouts
Thursday night, the stage was shared by a couple of FPSF 2013 veterans in the Suffers and Chase Hamblin and the Roustabouts, returned to downtown for an altogether breezier, more low-key affair. When Chase and the gang hit the stage first at 6:30 p.m. on the dot, it was still plenty warm on the hill, but a glorious breeze picked up as the sun sank behind One Park Place. Mighty pleasant, indeed.

Hamblin and friends opened up with a suite of songs from their latest album, VAUdeVILLE, including the '60s pop of "I've Got a Brain" and the big-tent revival sound of "One More Hour," featuring the groovy organ playing of Jeremy Nuncio. The keyboardist was undoubtedly the Roustabouts' secret weapon, deploying classic psych sounds on easygoing tunes such as "Never Let You Go" as concert-goers settled into lawn chairs and beach blankets on the hill.

As the band pumped out their signature blend acid-tinged pop, gospel and honky-tonk, I climbed to the top of the slope to take in a wider view. As the sun receded, the park quickly became possibly the most picturesque music venue in town, with jagged glass mishmash of downtown serving as a cavernous backdrop to the stage.

Hamblin and crew delivered a slew of lovely little originals that seemed to be enjoyed by young and old alike in attendance. My favorite song of the set, however, was their prowling, surprisingly muscular cover of T. Rex's "20th Century Boy." The song sounded hard and tight, in a style I'd like to hear more of from these guys.

If the Roustabouts put the audience into a state of deep, breezy relaxation, the Suffers arrived ready to up the amplitude on the evening's good vibes until everyone in the park reached a harmonious wavelength. A smiling contingent of the band's fans -- many wearing Suffers shirts they likely nabbed at FPSF -- led the way, crowded up against the stage and dancing with abandon.

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Discovery Green Conservancy

1500 McKinney, Houston, TX

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What a fun night. The Suffers are incredible. Thanks for coming and for the great review. Glad you liked the T-Rex. We are going to add some more "muscular" originals soon in fact! 




That song "midtown" is just so good!  Keep writing...keep writing! Covers are great, but you can tell the energy just wasn't all there once they started doing the covers. I got chills when Kam sang "midtown."

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